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10 Affordable Towns To Visit In Arizona, Ranked By Cost Of Vacation

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  • Sedona is a cheap choice for budget-conscious visitors, with a low-cost vacation only costing $164 per person per day.
  • Cave Creek offers a variety of thrilling activities without straining the wallet, with a cheap trip costing $154 per person per day.
  • Winslow is an excellent choice for budget-conscious vacationers, offering a wealth of experiences that can be explored with a low-cost trip costing $144 per person per day.

Amazing scenery, vibrant cities, eerie ghost towns, and year-round sunny weather make Arizona the perfect destination for vacations at any time of year.

But is it affordable to visit Arizona?

Well, rich in natural splendor with the Coconino National Forest, the world’s largest pine forest, and the Grand Canyon, the top tourist attraction in the US, as well as Native American history and much more, Arizona boasts numerous beautiful small towns that are perfect for a day trip and even reasonably priced for a vacation.

From historical encounters to outdoor adventures, indoor indulgences, wilderness escapes, and, yes, cozy places to stay, there is something for everyone in these charming Arizona towns. All in all, these affordable towns in Arizona offer a fun vacation without breaking the bank!

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$164 per person per day


Downtown Sedona with mountains in the background.

Nestled in the very heart of Arizona’s Red Rock Country is the town of Sedona, renowned for its breathtaking scenery and ethereal energy. This town in Arizona is a well-known tourist destination with a variety of experiences, but it’s also a cheap choice for visitors on a tight budget—a low-cost vacation here only costs $165 per person per day. Visiting the Chapel of the Holy Cross, Cathedral Rock, and the Red Rock Scenic Byway is a must in Sedona, and it won’t strain the wallet. Hiking along the West Fork Oak Creek Trail is an unforgettable experience, as is visiting Sedona’s art galleries, vortex sites, and spas.

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Cave Creek

$154 per person per day

Cave Creek, Arizona

Cave Creek, Arizona

Want to get back to nature without going too far from city life? Cave Creek in Maricopa County is the place to be! Only 27 miles from Phoenix, this small town offers a leisurely pace of life along with a variety of thrilling activities to enjoy—all without straining the wallet (a cheap trip here is $154 per person per day). Cave Creek is an Arizona hotspot for hiking, live music, outdoor adventures, and cowboy culture. Cave Creek Regional Park offers hiking, Cave Creek Trail offers horseback riding, and Cave Creek Museum is the place to learn about the region’s history. Local restaurants serve native cuisine at affordable prices. Certainly, a trip to Cave Creek is a lot of fun!


$144 per person per day

Little Painted Desert County Park, Winslow
Photo by Vahe Ohanian on Unsplash

Little Painted Desert County Park, Winslow, Arizona

Along Arizona’s famous historic Route 66, there is a small town where people enjoy a laid-back life amid beautiful surroundings. Yes, it’s Winslow, the historic town popularized in the 1970s song “Take It Easy.” This Arizona town offers a wealth of experiences that one can explore with a free walking tour. Standing On The Corner Park, La Posada Hotel, and McHood Park & Clear Creek are some of the main draws in Winslow. Nearby attractions include Painted Desert Inn, Jack’s Canyon Camping and Climbing Area, and Meteor Crater. And, with a low-cost trip costing $144 per day per person, the town is an excellent choice for budget-conscious vacationers.


$137 per person per day

Shutterstock: Rosemarie Mosteller

Wickenburg, AZ

Wickenberg, an underrated small town in Arizona, is also an excellent alternative to Sedona, which enchants visitors with its historic charm and natural beauty. Take a walking tour of Wickenburg to learn about its history and explore 19th-century structures, amazing monuments, and, yes, a 200-year-old Jail Tree (all absolutely free)! For those seeking outdoor thrills, there are golf courses, hiking trails, horseback riding, ghost tours, dude ranches, and roping arenas (all reasonably priced). With an average budget trip cost per person per day of only $137, it is obviously a wonderful Arizona town to have an amazing vacation full of fun and joy.

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$129 per person per day

The historic downtown area of Tubac, Arizona, USA

The historic downtown area of Tubac, Arizona, USA

A must-visit historic town in Arizona, Tubac is also an affordable place to have a memorable getaway with a relatively low budget trip cost of $129 per person per day. Located on the Santa Cruz River in Santa Cruz County, Tubac is recognized as an artists’ colony. Whether one is an art admirer or not, everything there is appealing. Tubac has an incredible selection of great art, dining, shopping, and luxury galleries, as well as opportunities for birding, hiking, biking, spa treatments, and wine tastings. Tubac Presidio State Historic Park and Museum is a must-see, as are the Flying Leap Tasting Room & Art Gallery and Tubac Golf Resort & Spa.


$125 per person per day

William La Sueur house, Main Street Eagar
Ammodramus, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

William La Sueur house, Main Street in Eagar, Arizona

Situated in Apache County at the base of the White Mountains, Eagar is an affordable getaway from frantic city life, with a budget trip cost of just $125 per day. Take advantage of the laid-back atmosphere Eagar has to offer and utilize this time to indulge in leisure activities and hobbies. Its pleasant Mediterranean weather makes it a four-season destination in Arizona other than Phoenix, whether one is looking for fun, adventure, or relaxation. Explore the charming downtown district, take a guided tour of the R Lazy J Ranch, savor regional cuisine, or indulge in outdoor activities like fishing, skiing, hiking, camping, horseback riding, hunting, and mountain biking (all reasonably priced). Explore the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest or simply sit back at Big Lake Recreation Area and take in the scenery at no cost.

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Munds Park

$116 per person per day

Shutterstock: King Photography Az

Munds Park, Arizona

Munds Park, located in Arizona’s Coconino National Forest, is a hidden gem for good reason. For those who enjoy the great outdoors, it’s a treasure trove of hiking trails, fishing spots, golf courses, camping areas, and opportunities for nature exploration. And all these activities don’t put strain on the wallet. There are also eateries, shops, and Pinewood Farmers Market to enjoy. Sit outside any saloon or restaurant and take in the scenery while enjoying some local food and beverages and live music. Without a doubt, it’s really an experience among pines! Munds Park is definitely an affordable Arizona town to visit, as the average budget trip cost is only $115 per day per person, and its distinct appeal makes it an excellent alternative to Flagstaff.


$115 per person per day

Indian ruin Besh-Ba-Gowah in the City of Globe, Arizona

Indian ruin Besh-Ba-Gowah in the City of Globe, Arizona

Globe, in Arizona’s gorgeous Gila County, is renowned for its historic appeal and mining heritage and is one of the incredible places to visit in Arizona. It stands out as one of Arizona’s most affordable towns ($115 per day per person average budget trip cost) to visit, with an array of budget-friendly lodging options, from comfortable motels to reasonably priced bed & breakfasts. The town’s dining options are also moderately priced, so visitors may experience regional food without going over budget. The Downtown Historic District, Waggin’ Vineyard & Estate, Waggin’ Train Zoo, Old Dominion Mine Park, and many more attractions offer a variety of experiences, making them the greatest places to vibe without breaking the bank.


$113 per person per day

Panorama of Bisbee with surrounding Mule Mountains in Arizona

Panorama of Bisbee with surrounding Mule Mountains in Arizona

Bisbee, a lovely town located among the Mule Mountains, offers a wonderful combination of culture, history, and breathtaking surroundings. Visitors travel from all over to see its historic downtown, which is filled with vivid architecture, one-of-a-kind shops, and art galleries. Plus, visitors can opt for free self-guided tours to have an overview of the town’s rich architectural and historical legacy, and they can visit Historic staircases and even Lavender Pit, a large open-pit copper mine that offers breathtaking views at no cost. Many affordable museums are also there, each providing a glimpse into the city’s history and culture. Indeed, it doesn’t cost a fortune to experience Bisbee (with an average budget trip cost of $113 per day per person), making it one of the most affordable places to visit in Arizona.


$105 per person per day

Historic Allen street with a horse drawn stagecoach in Tombstone

Historic Allen street with a horse drawn stagecoach in Tombstone

Originally a mining town, Tombstone in Cochise County now relies on tourism and is notoriously famous as the site of the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral. Tourists interested in the history of the Wild West will find this small town, particularly the downtown area, appealing. There are several places worth seeing, including saloons, Allen Street, and the Tombstone Courthouse. Last but not least, the recreation of O.K. Corral is not to be missed! The nicest thing about visiting Tombstone is that it won’t break the bank as most attractions are reasonably priced (or free), and there are lots of inexpensive (historic inns) lodgings and restaurants along the well-known Allen Street. With an average budget trip cost of $105 per day, Tombstone is the most affordable town to visit in Arizona on this list.

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