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10 Best Towns in Wyoming for a Winter Getaway

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Despite being the 10th largest state by land mass, Wyoming is the least populous, with a population of less than 600,000. The name “Wyoming” was derived from a Delaware word meaning “Land of Vast Plains,” and truly, the state is a great plateau broken down by mountain ranges. Nicknamed the “Equality State,” this state played a significant role in women’s politics history. Wyoming was the first state to allow women the right to vote and the first state to elect a female governor.

Wyoming has four seasons, with winter being the longest of all. From the Bighorns Mountain ranges to the Snowy ranges, this American state is a dream come true for every lover of the great outdoors. Looking for the best towns to explore this winter? Jump in a car or plane to any of these 10 best towns in Wyoming for the winter getaway of your dreams.


Medicine Bow-Routt National Park, Wyoming, in the winter.

The small mountain town of Centennial serves as a gateway to the Snowy Mountains ranges in the Medicine Bow National Forest. This town is a favorite spot for hikers, mountain climbers, anglers, and skiers.

Some popular places tourists like to visit in Centennial are the snow hideout in Medicine Bow National Forest, the Snowy Mountain Scenic Byway, and the Nici Museum to learn about the rich history of this town. Centennial offers visitors top-notch hospitality, from Brooklyn Lodge Bed and Breakfast to the Old Corral Hotel and Steakhouse.


Large elk antler arches curve over Jackson Hole, Wyoming's square's four corner entrances
Large elk antler arches in Jackson, Wyoming, during winter.

At the southern end of Jackson Valley is a small town named after it. Jackson is known for its fine dining, lodging options, and many outdoor and recreational activities. The Teton Mountain ranges, Gros Ventre Mountain ranges, and the Snake River’s tributaries make Jackson a tourist hotspot all year round. In winter, choose from horseback riding at North Fork Trail Ridesl to skiing and snowmobiling around the numerous ski resorts, such as Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Stay at the cozy Antler Inn or the Elk Refuge Elk Home to experience the warmth and hospitality of Jackson’s locals.


Cross Country skiing near Lander Wyoming to yurt
Cross Country skiing near Lander, Wyoming to yurt.

Lander is a beautiful small town known for its many rock climbing opportunities. East of the Wild River Range is this small town where Western history meets outdoor adventures. It is a popular spot for rock climbing, hiking, angling, and outdoor enthusiasts.

The Sinks Canyon State Park is a popular tourist destination in Lander. Rent a yurt and explore the park from there. You can watch the Popo Agie River disappear and reappear in the park’s sink-and-rise feature. Explore downtown Lander from the famous lodge “The Inn.” Boost your energy and prepare for the day with meals from Mulino Italian Bistro.

Green River

Beautiful landscapes in Flaming Gorge recreation area in winter season
Flaming Gorge recreation area in winter season.

The launching site of John Powell’s geographic expedition is a small town in Wyoming known as Green River. This small town is a gateway to the Flaming Gorge Reservoir and Ashley National Forest. The town is known for its wildlife and rugged outdoor adventure, especially in the winter months. The Flaming Gorge Reservoir is on the Green River. Take a hike at any of the trails at the Reservoir and enjoy the natural beauty surrounding it.

Stay at the Little America Wyoming RV. From here, you can explore Green River’s hidden gems. Learn more about the town’s history at Sweetwater County Museum, and after the tour, grab a drink or two from Ponderosa Bar and Lounge. 


Snowmobile trails in Pinedale, Wyoming
Snowmobile trails in Pinedale, Wyoming.

Pinedale is a small town and a gateway to exploring the Wind River Mountains. The town is a popular hunting outfit with an outdoor wonderland boasting over 1,300 lakes surrounding the town. From hiking to snowmobiling, this town always has something to do in the winter. As one of the four gateway to the Continental Divide trail, tourists can take long hikes up the trails in the mountain ranges. Winter seasons are perfect for Nordic skiing and snowshoeing.

Are you tired of the great outdoors? Explore the hidden gems within the town from any cozy lodges, like the Chambers House Bed and Breakfast. Some hidden gems include the Museum of the Mountain Man, Pinedale Aquatic Center, and White Pine Ski Area.


Snow on the mountain in Saratoga, Wyoming
Snow on the mountain in Saratoga, Wyoming.

Home to the Steinley Cup Microbrew Festival is Saratoga, a small town in Carbon County, Wyoming. This small town is a perfect winter wonderland. From ski areas to hot springs, you can enjoy your vacation away from the noisy big cities. Winter season is usually frigid. If you are tired of wrapping yourself with warm clothes indoors, dive into the Hobo Hot Springs in Saratoga to relieve the cold. Snowmobiling and skiing along the trails of the Snowy Mountain Ranges is a perfect way to see the mountain ranges around the town.

Grab a drink at Snowy Mountain Brewery before retiring to bed. You can lodge at any accommodations available in town, like Hotel Wolf.


Historic Kendrick Mansion decorated for Christmas in Sheridan, Wyoming
Historic Kendrick Mansion decorated for Christmas in Sheridan, Wyoming.

Halfway between Yellowstone Park and Mount Rushmore is Sheridan, a small town seated at the confluence between the Big Goose and Little Goose Creeks on the east slope of the Bighorns Mountains.

The Antelope Butte Ski area is ideal for snowmobiling and skiing. Downtown Sheridan is a beauty to behold, from the stunning neon lights to the nicely arranged shops. When in Sheridan, attend a lineup of events and learn more about Native American History at the Brinton Museum. Stay at the Sheridan Inn Hotel, known as the place where Ernest Hemingway, the author, put the finishing touches to “A Farewell to Arms.”

Ten Sleep

 A countryside brewery under an orange cliff, Ten Sleep, Wyoming.
 A countryside brewery under an orange cliff, Ten Sleep, Wyoming.

The small town of Ten Sleep rests in the Bighorn Basin, in the western foothills of the Bighorn Mountains. From exploring the Ten Sleep Canyon to hiking up trails on the Bighorn Mountains, Ten Sleep is the best place for a vacation.

For those who would love to visit Ten Sleep in winter, prepare for winter fun. The Meadowlark Ski Lodge offers tourists many winter activities, from snowmobiling to cross-country skiing, and it is a perfect place to stay during your vacation. Learn about the rich history of this town at the Ten Sleep Pioneer Museum. After a visit to the museum, grab a drink at the Ten Sleep local brewery.


Devils Tower by Sundance, Wyoming.
Devils Tower by Sundance, Wyoming.

Named after a popular Native American-Indian festival, Sundance is a small town and the County seat of Crook County. The town sits in Wyoming’s northeast corner, and visitors can explore popular tourist sites like the Keyhole State Park and Vore Buffalo Jump from here. 

In winter, the town hosts a lot of festivals. Visitors can watch or be part of the Horse and Skijoring festival. You can join the sip and talk historical tour to learn more about Native American history. Tourists like taking pictures at the Devils Tower Monument, located at the Devils Tower Monument Park, a few miles away from Sundance. Explore the downtown area from Serena Inn and Suites.


Aerial view of Thermopolis Wyoming from Wind River Canyon
Thermopolis, Wyoming from Wind River Canyon, in the winter.

Home to the largest mineral hot spring in the world is the small town of Thermopolis. Thermopolis in Greek means “Hot City.” This small town has several hot springs, making it a perfect winter getaway location.

Dive into any hot springs to drive away the winter cold or visit the popular Wyoming Dinosaur Center to take a leap back to the Jurassic era. The Elk Antler Inn is in the heart of the downtown and is the ideal place to stay and explore the region during winter.

Despite being the least populous state in the country, Wyoming is filled with many activities to keep you entertained all year round. From cross-country skiing to snowy horseback rides, this state is the perfect destination for adrenaline junkies. Uncover the 10 best towns in Wyoming for a winter getaway, and don’t forget to bring back souvenirs for your friends and family at home.

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