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15 Quiet Vacation Destinations For Spring Break Without Crowds

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  • Cancun may be too crowded, but there are other thrilling and affordable spring break vacations without crowds.
  • Consider some of the least-crowded spring break destinations; options like Barbados, Nevis, or Molokai are ideal for peaceful and adventurous getaways.
  • Change it up by exploring hidden gems in Europe, the USA, or Canada for a unique spring break experience.

Cancun, Mexico, has always been one of the top vacation destinations for spring breakers. Bordering the Caribbean Sea, this stunning place is known for its non-stop party atmosphere day and night, whether on the beach or out on the water. However, Cancun is also known for its absurd crowds and dodgy areas to avoid during a spring break escape, and with so many vacationers all in one place, it can get a little too rowdy for some travelers.

Those searching for a new place to spend spring break will be glad to know that several destinations are just as thrilling as Cancun – as well as other superb spring break hubs like Miami Beach and Cabo San Lucas – but without the overbearing crowds. Plus, there are plenty of other budget-friendly tropical places to visit other than Mexico, ideal for jet-setters searching for more affordable spring break destinations.

Still, while the Caribbean is a top pick for spring break, travelers should consider changing it up and checking out other fascinating places in the USA, Europe, the Caribbean, and even Canada. So, ditch the usual spring vacation spots this year and check out these crowd-free vacation destinations for spring break.


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15 Barbados

Soak up gorgeous beaches without rowdy crowds

Barbados offers plenty of incredible things to do and see, especially beaches perfect for a spring break trip. Bathsheba Beach is a popular beach for surfers with stunning rock formations all around, while Carlisle Bay is perfect for someone looking for calmer waters and a place to swim.

While Barbados is certainly a popular destination in the Caribbean, mid-March is when Barbados tends to be less crowded, making it the perfect destination for spring breakers. Moreover, those hoping to veer off the tourist trail and get away from any crowds can find enough hidden gems in Barbados to keep the spring break retreat even quieter.

14 Nevis

Laid-back Caribbean charm without the hoards of tourists

The little sister of Saint Kitts, Nevis is among the more unpopular spring break destinations because it’s one of the Caribbean’s most laid-back islands, where a relaxed lifestyle and slow pace of living deliver an irresistibly chill and crowd-free retreat. Considered too quiet and chill for most party-hunting spring breakers, this perfect little island remains mostly untouched, offering holidaymakers a serene, peaceful vacation away from the hustle and bustle seen on many other Caribbean islands.

Plus, along with the zen-like culture and friendly locals here, the nation’s tasty local food alone is a good enough reason to spend a quality break here.

13 Cannon Beach, Oregon

This Pacific Northwest gem is a peaceful spring break spot

March is considered the shoulder season and is the perfect time to visit Oregon and the rest of the Pacific Northwest as spring starts to bloom and the winter snow begins to melt away.

For spring breakers in Oregon, Cannon Beach is the best, low-key spring break destination. Known for its towering Haystack Rock and gorgeous natural beauty, Cannon Beach is the perfect getaway for outdoor enthusiasts and nightlife chasers alike. Enjoy Cannon Beach’s small, beach-town cafés and breweries, take a picnic at Ecola State Park, or try to spot some gray whales from the shoreline!

12 Vancouver Island, Canada

British Columbia is perfect for families and friends during spring break

Craving adventure and looking to connect with nature over spring break? Fancy some serene views and stunning coastlines? Consider visiting Vancouver Island in Canada’s British Columbia this year. Vancouver Island is definitely a quiet and unconventional spring break destination but worth it for travelers who are looking for a more adventurous vacation.

Travelers can spend their time road-tripping around the island enjoying the wildlife, cliffs, and beaches, and spending the night in Vancouver Island’s fabulous cabin rentals. If spring breakers are looking to stay in one place, Nanaimo is the perfect home base to travel to and from.


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11 Lisbon, Portugal

Energetic nightlife and warm weather are the perfect spring break scene

Heading across the Atlantic to Europe, one of the most relaxing spring break destinations students can find is in Lisbon, Portugal. Lisbon is the friendliest and most budget-friendly European city to travel to and its colorful streets, lively energy, and savory dishes are the perfect setting for a memorable spring break vacation.

Travelers can enjoy Lisbon’s many historic sites and warm beaches and walk down the streets lined with live performers and cafés filled with people without spending more than $1,000. Lisbon is easily one of the most underrated spring break destinations since it’s less about partying and more about enjoying quiet beaches, enchanting historic sites, and old-world streets that bustle with shops and cafes.

  • Spring Break Attractions: Pink Street, Galapinhos Beach, boat tours
  • Average Cost Per Week: $988
  • Average Hotel Cost: $63

10 Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Low-key but has a lot to offer

Hilton Head Island’s Atlantic Ocean beaches are pristine, mostly uncrowded, and a great place for families to relax and soak in the sun during spring break. For a typical seaside scene, visitors should make their way to Coligny Beach Park, which features many restaurants, attractions, and shops.

Hilton Head Island is the perfect getaway for both school friends and families. The vibe in Hilton Head is laid-back, the humidity is low this time of year, and there are plenty of beaches and beach parks that everyone will enjoy.

9 Bermuda

March in Bermuda means zero crowds

Visitors looking for less crowded destinations for spring break with more natural landscapes and pretty beaches should consider a trip to Bermuda. The island is known for its picturesque Horseshoe Bay Beach and blend of British and American culture, which you’ll find in Hamilton, the capital of Bermuda.

Crowds in Bermuda during March are typically low, which also means lower hotel prices and fantastic weather to enjoy. Those who are looking for exciting outdoor adventures will love Bermuda’s shipwreck diving sites, some of which are said to be haunted. Plus travelers can enjoy sailing and exploring the stunning Crystal Caves.

8 Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is quieter in the spring but full of fun

If travelers don’t like hanging out in the blistering heat all day, they should consider a trip to Dublin, Ireland. There are countless things to do in Dublin for a day or a full week, including partying in the iconic Temple Bar, visiting the Guinness Storehouse Factory, and visiting several striking castles and cathedrals.

For outdoor enthusiasts, travelers must make their way to The Cliffs of Moher or take a road trip along the breathtaking Wild Atlantic Way. If travelers are lucky enough to be in Dublin on March 17th, they’ll get to witness the epic Dublin-wide St. Patrick’s Day festivities!

  • Spring Break Attractions: Temple Bar pub, St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Dublin Castle
  • Average Cost Per Week: $1,054
  • Average Hotel Cost: $71


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7 Molokai, Hawaii

Springbreakers will find peace and serenity in Molokai

Hawaii’s most popular cities, like Honolulu, and islands, like Oahu, can have too many commercial attractions, but the island of Molokai, the second-smallest inhabited island in Hawaii, is where travelers will find plenty of outdoor adventure and stunning natural landscapes.

Travelers looking to escape the crowds of Honolulu will find beautiful sea cliffs, quiet white sand beaches, and lush rainforests all prime for photography and exploration on the beautiful island of Molokai. For a super quiet and crowd-free spring break beach vacation, visit Papohaku Beach Park on Molokai, home to pristine beaches that are mostly free of crowds.

  • Spring Break Attractions: Hālawa Valley, Kumimi Beach, Papohaku Beach Park
  • Average Cost Per Week: $1,877
  • Average Hotel Cost: $118

6 Destin, Florida

Beautiful sandy beaches and terrific nightlife

Destin, Florida, is a great option for spring breakers who are looking for quiet and underrated beaches and a vacation destination away from rowdy Miami. Destin is easily one of the many places in Florida that look like the Caribbean; it has beautiful white-sand beaches with numerous water activities like parasailing, fishing, and snorkeling.

Nightlife in this city is just as good, with piano bars, live music, and a plethora of restaurants. Destin undoubtedly offers a fun and exciting spring break experience that is sure to create lasting memories.

5 Grand Cayman

Perfect beaches and every shopaholic’s dream

Famed for its powder-white palm-fringed beaches and warm blue ocean, Grand Cayman delivers an idyllic Caribbean spring break getaway and is full of sumptuous seafood restaurants, colorful marine life, awesome scuba diving, and incredible island hopping experiences. Plus, spring breakers with cash to splash will also be kept happy with the abundance of duty-free, high-end shops all selling designed brands at discounted prices.

A particular favorite spring break spot is Seven Mile Beach, where, in between lazing on the sands and swimming in the sea, guests can rent kayaks and stand-up paddleboards, or try their hand at other beach activities like water-skiing and sailing. Furthermore, one of the very best free things to do on the island is to jump off the popular Smith’s Cove Cliff.

  • Spring Break Attractions: Governor’s Beach, Camana Bay, Cemetery Beach
  • Average Cost Per Week: $1,499
  • Average Hotel Cost: $149

4 Phoenix, Arizona

A great alternative spring break destination for outdoorsy types

Travelers will find sun year-round in Phoenix, Arizona, a city known for the Desert Botanical Garden with its plethora of cacti, the iconic hike on Camelback Mountain, and popular spa resorts. Tourists will also find a bunch of unique museums and the Phoenix Zoo, which is home to over 1,400 animals.

While March typically means Phoenix is one of the quiet spring break destinations in the US, seeing as it’s not exactly peak season, visitors still have plenty to do and see; they can enjoy hiking, biking, and exploring the stunning desert landscape that Phoenix has become famous for. Vacationing in Phoenix in March is usually lively yet free of crowds and is filled with an energetic spirit that spring breakers will love.

Moreover, there are lots of scenic drives near Phoenix ideal for spring break road trips, not to mention vacationers will also find a number of alternative cities within driving distance of Phoenix that they can check out as part of a longer spring break getaway in the area.


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3 Belize

A nature lover’s paradise

Belize is rather small, but it has a ton of things to offer for someone looking to do something other than party in Miami Beach. Belize is one of the greatest places for swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving, especially along Hol Chan Marine Reserve, with over 4,000 acres of coral reef, and the famous Great Blue Hole, with its underwater tunnels and caverns.

March is a great time to visit Belize for spring breakers because the weather is perfect for outdoor activities, and it’s Belize’s dry season. Looking to take a break from adrenaline-pumping activities? Take a day to explore Belize’s ancient Mayan ruins.

2 Montreal, Canada

Terrific nightlife and surprisingly affordable

Spring breakers should make their way north to Montreal, Canada, where they’ll find loads of museums, shopping, and terrific nightlife. Tourists will find many great local breweries, bars with amazing DJs, and restaurants that move their tables and chairs to create fun parties when it gets dark.

Whether travelers are looking for a cocktail bar or want to dance to live music, it’s all here. March is Montreal’s low season, so spring breakers will enjoy all of Montreal’s charms without the hassle of crowds.

1 Antigua

This island in the Caribbean affords life’s finer things

Last but not least, Antigua is the ultimate spring break destination for travelers who savor life’s finer things and adore a rich mix of sun, sand, and sea blended with charming towns and rich history. Somewhat pricey and very romantic with no lack of honeymoon retreats, this pristine paradise is thus free of crowds, and home to some of the most luxurious resorts and hotels in the region as well as some of the best beaches in the Caribbean.

Well worth the cost for spring breakers who can afford it, a spring break vacation here will be unlike any other; think fine dining restaurants, beach barbecues, unforgettable ocean adventures, and even interesting historical attractions such as Fort Barrington and its sweeping bay views, along with Nelson’s Dockyard – an elite UNESCO World Heritage Site that charms even the most seasoned historians that think they’ve seen it all.

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