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5 tech items you must bring on your next road trip

by Staff

As we head into the peak of summer, travelers are heading out in droves to discover new parts of the world or just explore their own backyards. If you’re heading on a road trip, you no doubt have your go-to list of things to bring, like smartphones, tablets, power banks, and more. But sometimes, it’s a good idea to refresh that list with some new tech items to make your journey safer. We’ve compiled a list, so let’s go ahead and check out these five tech items you must bring on your next road trip.

1 70mai Dash Cam Lite

A dash cam might not be the first thing you think about when going on a road trip, but it’s a great device to have with you to record your journey or the details of an incident. The 70mai is a great option because it’s compact but still has nice features like a 2-inch display, night vision, parking surveillance, loop recording, and more. Best of all, this device is extremely affordable at $32, making it a must-buy for your next road trip.

70mai Dash Cam Lite

A fantastic, compact, and feature-packed dash cam that’s great for capturing your trip and keeping you safe.

2 Fast Track USA 360 phone and tablet mount

You should never text and drive, but it’ll help immensely to have a car mount for your smartphone or tablet. This one from Fast Track USA keeps your device secure and also within line of sight while you’re on the road. It also features a flexible neck, a 360-degree rotatable phone mount, and an expandable base that lets it fit into most cup holders. Furthermore, you can now pick this up for just around $20.

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Fast Track USA 360 Car Cup Phone and Tablet Mount Holder

A powerful and versatile car mount that can keep your smartphone or tablet secure while on the road.

3 AINOPE 90W USB-C Car Charger 6-Port

While you might already have a car charger, this one is a little different, offering an extension hub with a five-foot cable that can provide power to those in the back seats. The extension hub also features a clip, so you can attach it to the seat pocket to ensure that it is in a stable location. In addition, you get a lot of power with this unit, with support for PD 30W and Quick Charge 3.0.

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AINOPE 90W USB-C Car Charger 6-Port

A car charger with 90W of power, six USB ports, and an extension that can route power to those in the back seats.

4 NEXPOW 2000A Peak Car Jump Starter

If you’re out on a long road trip, you don’t want to be without a jump starter, because if for some reason your car won’t start, and you’re in the middle of nowhere, it’s probably going to be a while before you can get help. This jump starter packs quite a punch, with the power to jump-start a car, truck, or motorcycle up to 20 times. Furthermore, it can even get your vehicle up and running with a dead battery. Perhaps best of all, is that this product can double as a power bank. That means when it’s not in use, you can always just use it to charge up all your portable devices.

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NEXPOW 2000A Peak Car Jump Starter

Whether you need to jump-start your car, or just charge up all your gadgets on a road trip, this is going to be one of the best solutions.

5 Garmin Drive 52

You can’t go wrong with using a smartphone and navigating your route. But sometimes, you might not have downloaded the map ahead of time or there isn’t a reliable cellular signal in the area, which could leave you in a bit of a jam. That’s where having a standalone GPS navigation device can come in handy, as it doesn’t require a cellular signal because all the maps you need are already preloaded.

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Garmin 52

The Garmin 52 is a standalone GPS navigation unit that can keep you on the right path even without cellular service.

6 Bonus: Autio (iOS app) and TravelStorys (Android)

Autio is an app that offers unique stories about the roads you’ll travel. While it can generally educate you, it can also point out unique stops along the way, making your road trip a bit more fulfilling. With narration from the likes of Kevin Costner, Phil Jackson, and John Lithgow, you’ll be able to cherish the streets you travel with people who’ll add impact to the drive.

Autio on App Store

Android, meanwhile, has TravelStorys, which offers in-depth stories from professional guides while you travel. Not only is this great for your drive, but you can also use it while you’re hiking, biking in the wilderness, or even just out on the water.

As stated before, you probably have staple items you already bring on your road trips, and who knows, maybe some of these are already part of that list. But, if you’ve never traveled with the products mentioned here before, I’d say give them a try since most of the items aren’t all that expensive and can really do wonders for your upcoming road trips, whether you’re just looking for entertainment or you need to get out of a bind.

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