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8 Best Places to Live in Mississippi in 2024

by Staff

Mississippi is a southeastern U.S. state with some of the best towns and cities that appeal to travelers and prospective residents alike. With fun and beautiful locales in addition to historical landmarks to consider for tourism in 2024, such as the Biloxi Lighthouse or the Renaissance at Colony Park, anyone looking for an exciting and new place to live may find a home in this Gulf state. These places are noteworthy for travel as they provide a change of scenery; however, these friendly communities will make excellent towns to live in in 2024!


Tupelo, Mississippi: Elvis Presley Statue with City Hall in the background. Image credit Chad Robertson Media via Shutterstock.

A must-visit town with 37,594 residents, Tupelo is one of the best destinations to live in for anyone who admires Elvis Presley and exotic animals. At the Elvis Presley Birthplace, it is easy to see the musician’s foundations come to life through his preserved 1930s legacy and is a definitive way for tourists to mingle with locals while new in town for 2024. Elvis Presley Park is a 15-acre natural beauty and some of the most precious seating areas that have been around for decades. The Tupelo Buffalo Park & Zoo may satisfy tourists and settlers who want to live near an area full of unique buffalo, giraffes, and monkeys and has cute picnic spots for locals to converse.

For travelers who like a good shopping spree, The Mall at Barnes Crossing has over 90 retail outlet stores downtown. The Tombigbee State Park is a surrounding area of the 90-acre Lake Lee with amazing camping areas and a lovely cottage site for newcomers to remember forever. For those who like thrills while living around the North Gloster district this year, the Paradox Challenge Rooms are a great way to explore secret rooms and solve fun mysteries!


Shrimp boats on the harbor. Image credit Terry Kelly via Shutterstock.
Shrimp boats on the harbor. Image credit Terry Kelly via Shutterstock.

An outdoor tourist’s paradise, Biloxi is home to 48,944 locals. It has some of the best locales for both casual and fancy living. The Beau Rivage Resort & Casino is a dining and entertainment resort that caters to luxury and nightlife for adult travelers. The 65-foot-tall Biloxi Lighthouse is also a great hotspot with a history tracing back to the 1840s and remains a highlight for travelers who want to live near a photographic landmark on the Gulf Coast! Art lovers who choose Biloxi for permanent settlement may like the Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art for the best ceramic workshops in town.

MGM Park provides enjoyment for folks who want to consider living near live baseball action events and other famous sporting venues. The Biloxi Bridge has a pretty sunset view of the Mississippi Sound, Front Beach, and Deer Island that would attract anyone, and it is a frequent spot for locals because of its relaxing walking paths and bronze artwork plaques. Shaggy’s Biloxi Beach has an award-winning island ambiance for those who want to enjoy seafood by the beachfront with pink skies for 2024.


Madison County Courthouse in Canton, Mississippi, USA.
Madison County Courthouse in Canton, Mississippi. Image credit Bennekom via Shutterstock.

A historic small town that is also known as the “film capital” of the state, Canton has 10,610 inhabitants. It is a must-see for those who want to live near the best spots in town for food, museums, and local history. The Santa Fe Bar & Grille has highly-rated Mexican cuisine for those who love casual buffets. In contrast, Marlo’s Backyard BBQ has delicious barbecue chicken, tasty banana pudding appetizers, and friendly customer service.

At the Canton Multicultural Center and Museum, diverse cultural exhibits and family history are quite a delight for travelers and settlers who want to see how localized history helped shape modern civil rights movements. The Canton Movie Museums landmark is a special part of the town that has the best artifacts and memorabilia related to old films and doubles as a courthouse square attraction for locals to revisit all the time throughout 2024!


City of Ridgeland City Hall in Ridgeland, MS
City of Ridgeland City Hall. Image credit Chad Robertson Media via Shutterstock.

Sitting just north of Jackson, this small town of 24,280 residents has everything one could need while being part of a close-knit community. At the Renaissance at Colony Park, one can expect to find countless locals and tourists enjoying elegant shopping, Italian fountain views, and cute cafe resting areas. Laidback shoppers and locals who want to feel more at home may enjoy Repeat Street, where over 17,000 square feet of furniture and home decor are worth a permanent stay in town!

At the wholesome Dogmud Tavern, travelers are treated as newfound residents while sipping on various flavors of brews and enjoying hearty game nights. The tavern also hosts several events throughout 2024, such as Pokémon Day and costumed anime celebrations. For the best natural sights in town that make it easy to stay in this town for a long time, Old Trace Park has the best reservoir spots to witness sailboaters and is also perfect for quiet painting activities. At Friendship Park, one can find winding pathways and hiking trails perfect for evening strolls.


University of Mississippi campus building in Oxford, Mississippi
University of Mississippi campus building in Oxford, Mississippi. Image credit Feng Cheng via Shutterstock.

A small town of 27,281 inhabitants, Oxford is one of the best to consider for long-term settlement if travelers prefer college towns. The University of Mississippi is an idyllic landmark that makes its presence known through academia and vibrant student life. The Rowan Oak is the home of famous author William Faulkner and is a 19th-century estate sitting on 29 acres of aged wood and Celtic heritage. The Bailey Woods Trail is connected to the grounds, making it easier for travelers and settlers to enjoy natural woodland splendors while living nearby.

Literature lovers may like Square Books, a cozy bookstore that sells the most unique and special works since the late 1970s and has the best literary fiction for bookworms wanting to make Oxford home in 2024. Historic musical acts can be seen at the Lyric, a theater known for its live music popularity and North Mississippi local history. For natural sights, visitors and residents typically enjoy Lamar Park, an outdoor arboretum full of calming green gardens and patron-friendly events to support newcomers. As for those who love socializing, the town’s Community Market is the best way to make new friendships and explore colorful fruit and vegetable stalls!


 The view of downtown Meridian
The view of downtown Meridian.

Meridian is a quintessential southern town with 32,690 residents, perfect for tourism and long-term suburban stay. The 3,300-acre Bonita Lakes Park is one of its many features, with three lake systems connected through vibrant nature trails and jogging paths that make it easy to find long-term liveliness. At the Dentzel Antique Carousel, one can enjoy the uniqueness of 1890s hand-carved amusement to be every reason to stick around, and it also has events scheduled for 2024, such as special museum programs for kids and St. Patrick’s Day festivals!

For downtown fun and the best evening experience, travelers can check out the MSU Riley Center, where Mississippi State University hosts live drama shows. For more classical entertainment, the Meridian Temple Theatre offers laidback nightlife enjoyment for the elderly and has 1920s ballroom activities for newcomers. Tourists who like to witness history may enjoy the best music knowledge at Jimmie Rodgers Museum, which pays tribute to the “Father of Country Music” with his memorabilia up for display. As for settlers who want to enjoy indoor shopping after relocating here, the Family Flea Market is one of the best options for seeing over 200 happy vendors of high-quality household relics.

Holly Springs

A lakeside scene in Holly Springs, Mississippi.
A lakeside scene in Holly Springs, Mississippi.

Known as “Mississippi’s best-kept secret,” Holly Springs has 6,733 inhabitants. It is well known for landmarks like the Marshall County Historical Museum, a definite stop for those who want to see the quirky side of the town’s history and some of the most creative quilts and dollhouses ever made! At Strawberry Plains Audubon Center, one can find 3,000 acres of hardwood forests, wetlands, and native grasslands that have been conserved to support birds and wildlife development.

Chewalla Lake Recreation Area is better suited for those who like northern Mississippi relaxation on sandy beaches, with canoeing, kayaking, and fishing routes that make it easy to find accommodations when choosing nearby places to live. For anyone who loves golfing, the Kirkwood National Golf Club & Cottages may be right up their alley with the best private lessons and quality estate pleasures guaranteed to keep newcomers happy if they choose Holly Springs as their new home in 2024.

Ocean Springs

Marshall Park in Ocean Springs, Mississippi
Marshall Park in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Image credit Fotoluminate LLC via Shutterstock.

Ocean Springs is a lovely beach town with 19,136 residents just two miles from Biloxi. The Davis Bayou Area Gulf Islands National Seashore is a natural preserve with some of the best shorelines around the Gulf of Mexico and barrier island sights that one certainly will not find elsewhere! The Fontainebleau Nature Trail is also an option for remarkable sights of sandhill cranes and other endangered species. At the Mississippi Vietnam Veterans Memorial, one can see 1960s granite memorials that were made to honor those who lost their lives during the Vietnam War.

At Coastal Magpie, travelers and settlers can enjoy unique antiques and jewelry that are both nostalgic and fascinating, as well as the best “holiday gnome” collection to preserve forever. For those hungry, The Shed BBQ & Blues Joint has homemade bayou meals and shack-like cuisine to make the night better. If more caffeine is needed, Bright-Eyed Brew Company offers local cold coffee blends with bright smiles and happy conversations. It is considered by locals to be one of the best coffee shops around town to explore in 2024!

This list may come in handy for anyone who wishes to find the best towns or cities to reside in Mississippi this year. With so many locales and landmarks to be near while searching for a new place to call home, there is no doubt that travelers will find lots of opportunities across the “Magnolia State” when it comes to tourism and quality living. Knowing what these towns all have to offer will benefit anyone in the long run when checking out safe and fun destinations with lots of beauty around the Gulf Coast!

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