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9 Small Towns in Wyoming to Visit for a Weekend Getaway

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Wyoming is known for its many national parks that showcase the rugged terrains and red rock vistas that attract adventure enthusiasts. Wyoming also offers several small towns with breathtaking natural landscapes, friendly atmospheres, and rich histories. These towns are ready to captivate every traveler who visits. It is enriched with prehistoric history and landmarks that reveal the state’s western frontier expanse. These beautiful towns offer a range of experiences, creating an ideal setting for a historical-focused weekend retreat. Wyoming often escapes the attention of tourists, ensuring fewer crowds, particularly in these towns, which is a crucial allure for travelers seeking a secluded escape. Without delay, here are nine unique small towns in Wyoming for an unforgettable weekend getaway.


Shops in Buffalo, WY. Image credit Cheri Alguire via Shutterstock.

This charming town is tucked between Yellowstone National Park and Mount Rushmore. It provides a rich history with historic landmarks featuring old Western saloons and museums. Visit the Occidental Hotel, grab a beverage at the in-house saloon, and enjoy a peaceful night’s rest. Be sure to visit Fort Phil Kearny, a preserved military fort with insights into the Indian Wars. Experience the Western lifestyle firsthand and see the Paradise Guest Ranch. Do not forget to enjoy the natural beauty; take a scenic drive on the Cloud Peak Skyway for breathtaking mountain views.


Old Wooden Wagons in a Ghost Town, Cody, Wyoming, United States
Old wooden wagons in ghost town, Cody, Wyoming.

For folks whp are searching for an authentic “Wild West Experience,” look no further. Discover the Wild West at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West Museum complex or visit the historic site of Old Trail Town. This historic site features a collection of old frontier buildings and western artifacts, including the original cabin of Butch Cassidy. One of America’s greatest frontiers, Yellowstone National Park, is just a short ride away. Take a day trip to explore the world’s first national park’s natural wonders, geysers, and wildlife, and after a long day of exploring, get some beauty sleep at the renowned Cody Hotel.


Aerial view of mountain landscape of Lander
Aerial view of the mountain landscape of Lander.

Lander is a town where Western history meets outdoor adventure. Wear hiking boots and explore the stunning Sinks Canyon State Park with its beautiful waterfalls, caves, and hiking trails. Many visitors attempt to climb the rock wall at Wild Iris, a popular climbing destination. The views here are astonishing, perfect for snapping photos, particularly the beautiful landscape of Popo Agie Falls, placed just outside Lander in the Shoshone National Forest. Lander is home to the Wyoming State Museum, which hosts exhibits showcasing the rich history and culture of Wyoming. Accommodations are plentiful, ranging from the Pronghorn Lodge to the cozy Shoshone Rose Hotel.


Devils Tower by Sundance, Wyoming
Devils Tower by Sundance, Wyoming.

This small town is known for its scenic beauty, natural wonders, and historical connection to the Old West. Sundance is well-known for housing America’s first national monument, Devil’s Tower National Monument, which stands 867 feet (264 m) from summit to base. Visitors can learn about the Sundance Kid and the Hole in the Wall Gang at the Crook County Museum. The famous outlaw also has his own statue in the town center. Many visitors choose to relax and soak in the natural mineral water at Red Rock River Ranch, here, ideal for those who need to recharge. The Deadwood Lodge and The Bear Lodge Resort are some of the best accommodations in town.

Ten Sleep

The bow of a kayak on East Tensleep lake in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming
Bow of a kayak in Tensleep Lake. 

Do not let the name fool the little town of Ten Sleep has a lot of excitement to offer. Hike the historic Ten Sleep Canyon and Bighorn National Forest for scenic trails and catch a glimpse of the region’s natural wildlife. Take a journey back in time and visit the Red Gulch Dinosaur Trackside to view ancient dinosaur footprints, a great stop for those traveling here with children! If planning a visit in the winter, explore Meadowlark Ski Lodge for some of the best skiing and snowboarding Wyoming offers. The town also has many accommodations, from the antique Carter Inn to the Log Cabin Motel to ensure a comfortable getaway.


Two bison in Sheridan, Wyoming
Two bison in Sheridan, Wyoming.

Located in the north-central region of the state, this scenic town is known for its Western ambiance, rich historical sites, and the Bighorn Mountains. Stroll through the historic, charming downtown area with its notable buildings, boutique shops, and art galleries. Explore the history and culture by visiting the Sheridan County Museum along with other significant historical landmarks. For those feeling adventurous, make sure to explore the Bighorn Mountains for breathtaking scenery. Learn about the region’s long-standing native American History by visiting the Bradford Brinton Memorial. End a perfect day at the Historic Sheridan Inn, a historic hotel that has accommodated famous guests, including Buffalo Bill Cody.


Scenic views from Guernsey State Park in Wyoming
Scenic views from Guernsey State Park in Wyoming.

Settled on the plains of Wyoming, this historic small town is renowned for its local history, fossil exhibits, and pioneer lifestyle. Travel back in time at the Oregon Trail Ruts State Historic Site, a preserved pioneer trail. This historic trail shows how some of the earliest settlers traveled across America. Take a hike to Register Cliff, a historic site where pioneers have left their names and messages carved into sandstone, which have stood the test of time. Explore the many fossil exhibits that are frequently showcased at the Guernsey Museum. Relax and enjoy your trip at the Bunkhouse Motel, which has some of the best lodgings in the area.


Hot Springs State Park, Thermopolis, Wyoming, USA.
Hot Springs State Park view. 

This charming little town is named after the Greek meaning “hot city.” It is known for its rich geological features and numerous natural hot springs. Visitors can enjoy a relaxing dip in the relaxing mineral water at Hot Springs State Park. Learn about the prehistoric creatures that used to roam our earth by visiting the Wyoming State Dinosaur Center. Home to fascinating dinosaur fossils and exhibits. Be sure to arrange a trip to the Rock Petroglyph Site and view the ancient rock art created by Native Americans. Be sure to stop and look around at Thermopolis’s breathtaking scenery. Hot Springs Hotel and Spa can offer some of Thermopolis’s best accommodations.


Scenic red buttes from the highway in Rawlins, WY
Scenic red buttes from the highway in Rawlins, WY

This Historical town has been important for a long time. Rawlins served as an essential stop along the overland trail. Visitors can envision life as a prisoner by visiting the Wyoming Frontier Prison, also known as the Old Penitentiary. When visiting, be sure to stop by the Rawlins Railroad Depot, a historic site with a museum showcasing the creation of America’s first railroad. Enjoy outdoor activities in the nearby Medicine Bow National Forest or Sierra Madre Mountain Range. Regarding where to stay, Rawlins can offer cozy accommodations such as the Brickyard Inn and Rawlins Western Lodge.

Wyoming offers some of the best insights into what life would have been like for some of the earliest pioneers in America. Natural formations help create the setting for some of the most diverse landscapes, including majestic mountains like the Tetons and Wind River Range, vast plains, high plateaus, and breathtaking canyons. Beyond these natural wonders, the state also boasts several small towns characterized by breathtaking landscapes, warm atmospheres, and rich histories, all poised to enchant every traveler. Visitors choose from options such as visiting ancient fossils, hiking through beautiful landscapes, or even visiting the home of a famous outlaw. No wonder these nine beautiful and unique towns are must-stop destinations for the best Wyoming experience!

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