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A Look At United Airlines’ Houston Intercontinental Hub Flights

by Staff


  • United plans to operate 895 daily roundtrip flights from its Houston hub between February and June.
  • There are 169 non-stop routes, with 111 being domestic.
  • Its international network sees flights to 30 countries.

If all airlines are included, Houston Intercontinental is the USA’s ninth-busiest airport by flights in the first half of 2024 (February-June). When the US Big Three are considered, it is the country’s sixth-busiest airline hub. It ranks after America at Dallas Fort Worth, Delta at Atlanta (yes, second by flights), American at Charlotte, United at Chicago O’Hare, and United at Denver.

United at Houston: a brief look

The latest data from the Star Alliance member to OAG shows it plans a typical 895 daily roundtrip flights at its Texas hub between February and June. However, the later months might be somewhat subject to schedule pruning, so this reflects the situation as of February 2.

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United’s daily Houston flights have risen from 830 in the same five months in 2023 (+8%) but are still much lower than the 1,018 operated in 2019 (-12%). Comparing 2024 with 2019 shows that O’Hare (-20%) and San Francisco (-23%) are even further behind. Only Denver has grown (+6%).

Some 169 routes are offered…

United’s schedule shows that it plans 169 routes from Houston Intercontinental until June. Some 111 are domestic in 44 US states and territories. They include a handful of destinations that started in 2021/2022 and which continue to be served, along with other new or resuming routes:

  • Sarasota: introduced on February 11, 2021 (not served before that month)
  • Kalispell: June 3, 2021 (not served before that month)
  • Lincoln: September 1, 2022 (not served before that month); ends in May 2024
  • Savannah: recommences on February 15, 2024 (last served in 2023)
  • Sante Fe: begins on March 9, 2024 (brand-new)
  • Tulum (Mexico): starts March 23, 2024 (brand-new)
  • Georgetown (Guyana): begins April 1, 2024 (brand-new)
  • Ontario (CA): returns on May 22, 2024 (last served in 2022)
  • Boise: resumes on June 27, 2024 (last served in 2023)
  • Hartford: back on June 27, 2024 (last served in 2022)

United will serve 58 non-US destinations non-stop from its Houston hub in the examined five months. Mexico is obviously number one: it accounts for about half of the international flights, with 22 destinations served. However, United’s network includes 29 other countries. (While Aruba and Bonaire are not sovereign nations, I have included them separately.)

The top five routes

If all of United’s 169 destinations are considered, the most-served routes comprise a predictable list of hub-to-hub operations, although they do, of course, serve significant cities. Note that, as I have stated the average number of flights, the actual number may vary on a specific date:

  • Denver: 10 daily flights on average each way
  • Chicago O’Hare: 10 daily
  • Los Angeles: nine daily
  • Newark: nine daily
  • San Francisco: eight daily


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