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‘A mum at my kid’s school has hijacked our holiday plans – I’m absolutely fuming’

by Staff

Family holidays are the best time to relax and spend time together – but one mum was fuming when she realised another mum from her daughter’s school had decided to hijack her plans

She just wanted a relaxing holiday with her family but it’s now being gatecrashed (stock photo)(Getty Images/Image Source)

A mum was left raging after she found out another mum had booked the exact same hotel for the same time – after asking for advice on where to go on a family holiday.

Planning family holidays can be tricky, to try and find a time when you’re all free, as well as finding the perfect holiday if you have children with different interests. So when you find the perfect place, it’s easy to rebook again each year. But one mum was fuming after another mum at her daughter’s school had asked for advice on where to go on a family holiday – only to realise she had then gone and booked the same place for the same time as her.

Admitting she and her family “don’t really socialise” while on holiday, she can’t believe the other mum had gone and booked the same trip. She claimed the “whole dynamic has changed” now for their upcoming holiday.

Taking to Netmums to vent about the situation, she wrote: “We booked a holiday in June for our family (kids are four and six). It’s a hotel they LOVE and are super excited about. One of the school mums asked for some advice on good places to go for the summer holidays and I told her about our hotel and said we’d booked to go again in June. A few hours later she texted to say they had booked and that it’s the same week and she didn’t realise.”

But the mum said she was “absolutely fuming” and that it “changes the dynamics completely.” She added: “They have just one child who is mean to our daughter at times and won’t let our youngest join in when they play.” But explained that if their daughter knows her friend is also going to be there she will want to play with her every day and said it would be a “battle” they would have to face “constantly”.

The mum then said: “We aren’t the type to socialise on holiday (we really value our family time) and the thought of seeing them every day (it’s impossible to avoid them) is filling me with dread,” and to make matters worse, she claimed the other mum had “also text other friends suggesting they book too” and said she doesn’t know why the other mum feels entitled to just “shoehorn” everyone into her family holiday she had booked.

“What can I do? We’ve looked at changing our holiday. It’ll cost us £150 admin fee which we’re more than happy to pay but we can’t find anything in the budget that is on par with where we’re staying. Do I just be blunt and tell her we’re not happy?” She concluded.

One mum came to the rescue and offered her advice and said: “If it’s going to change the dynamics of your holiday for the worst then I would swallow the fee and change the booking, when you go on holiday you don’t want drama or be feeling anxious before you go, that’s the exact reason we go away – to feel relaxed!” And further added: “I wouldn’t bother telling the lady you’re annoyed it’s not going to achieve anything, I would just change it and say you found a more suitable holiday.”

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