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A road trip to serenity

by Staff

Viewing a sunrise can set you on the road to serenity. (Pixabay)

It has been a busy few days…weeks…months…I cannot remember the last opportunity I had to spend some down time.

And while I thrive on being busy, I am reminded that everyone needs time to themselves to decompress.

So it might seem like a contradiction, but sometimes that overdue serenity comes disguised as a work trip!

For me, it was a long bus ride to Gettysburg. There is much to be said for leaving before dawn and watching as the rising sun begins to illuminate the rolling hills and stunning fall foliage that this time of year offers.

The pink clouds stood as a beautiful backdrop to the tree-lined road that lay before me, as far as the eyes could see. The bright red, glowing gold and orange inlaid amidst the green trees and brush provided an autumnal rainbow, the likes of which I had never seen before. And somehow, at the end of it, serenity called to me.

Trips can be complicated, from inception to planning to implementing. This trip was no different. Yet it came together beautifully and was exactly what the 17 people aboard that bus needed. Me included.

If you have never driven west in Pennsylvania in the fall, I highly recommend it. As they say, life is a journey, not a destination, so enjoy the ride! We are blessed to live in a part of the country whose colors become magnificent, albeit short-lived. And sometimes the autumn skies can be a marvel unto themselves! It beats any show I’ve ever seen.

If you get the opportunity, go exploring. Take a little time to get away, even if it is to just drive. Serenity will overtake and overwhelm you.

Who among us couldn’t benefit from a little serenity? Give yourself a time out and recharge.

This time, our destination was Gettysburg. If you have been there a long time ago, perhaps it’s time to go again.

If you have never been, it is most definitely time to visit and appreciate what happened there. Often, we forget the sacrifices made on our behalf (more than a century and a half earlier).

To sit and hear the story, to witness the hallowed ground where so many gave their lives, it is humbling.

For me it was a lesson in perspective. The problems of my everyday life don’t amount to a hill of beans compared to the hardships those heroes endured. Perspective.

I guess the greatest gift from that road trip was the feeling of appreciation and serenity it left in me.

The beauty of nature, the awe of the battlefields, the wonderful meal prepared by a great restaurant, just for us, and a beautiful 70-degree day. All of it.

All in all, I’d say I had a good day at work!

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