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AdventureGenie Uses AI To Create Road Trips

by Staff

Plenty of travel websites and apps promise to help you plan a road trip in an RV or camper. Then there are those veteran road warriors still using dog-eared guidebooks, atlases, and planning guides to public and private campgrounds, which are unlikely to be up to date. There are also legions of trip planners out there who will put together a trip for you (for a fee).

Now along comes AdventureGenie, a website that debuted on May 1 and is focused on smartly and efficiently putting together a one-stop travel planning website for RVers, campers and road trippers. It proudly touts the fact that it was built using AI, making the site ostensibly more innovative and responsive than conventional sites.

“We founded AdventureGenie because, as RVers ourselves, we experienced the pain and complexity of planning a camping journey,” said CEO Scott Lengel. “We had 10 apps and websites open at once. Each was adequate at one part of the planning process, but none pulled it all together. Our goal was a one-stop shop that answers the question: What to do? How to get there? Where to stay?”

Lengel is a former Microsoft senior technology executive. His partner is veteran CEO/Investor David Greenberg. Their USP is that until now, planning a trip required opening and using multiple websites and apps and then somehow collating the information and making decisions about where to go and where to stay based on that.

AdventureGenie aims to simplify that process on a single app and website.

While other trip-planning sites utilize AI to one degree or another, AdventureGenie uses “AI liberally within the context of planning an adventure in an RV or a camper,” Lengel says.” AI allows us to summarize an incredible amount of data and information about campgrounds, relieving our subscribers from having to do the heavy lifting of deep research. AI enables us to offer RVers and campers the best match of their favorite things to see, do, and visit, and AI allows RVers to describe their trip objectives in plain language.”

AdventureGenie claims to address all of these planning questions in an integrated way on a single site. They have detailed itineraries for theme trips focused on National Parks, NASCAR, and the Bourbon Trail but customized trips are where their strength lies.

Their campground choices are sourced from their Campground Database, which offers over 25,000 public and private RV parks and campgrounds. The database gives subscribers a GenieMatch percentage based on their designated preferences, using AI to “predict with a percentage likelihood that a user will like a specific campground, says Lengel. “We leverage AI ‘sentiment analysis’ to produce an overall summary of each campground based on publicly available information. We also generate an overall score for each campground, ranging from 0 to 100.”

But their trip suggestions go beyond mere guidebook-style recommendations. They add possible stops along the way. Their TripPlanner adapts to subscriber-designated driving times, chooses GenieStops to break up long trips, and integrates with GenieTrips and, GenieWishes, focusing on what to do, see and visit at each stop.

GenieWishes is the newest component on the site, “an advanced feature built on Natural Language Processing and generative Artificial Intelligence that allows users to create a custom itinerary at each of the stops on a trip,” says Lengel. By sharing their interests and stating what they’d like to do, see and visit on a specific trip, “AdventureGenie creates a detailed itinerary, stop-by-stop. Users can specify any number of interests – for example, country music, hiking, modern art, and brew pubs – and Genie will supply them with options to do, see or visit at each stop on their trip. Want to dine on local barbecue, visit historical sites and listen to country music? GenieWishes will find and summarize them for every stop on your journey.”

There’s no reason to think AdventureGenie is the last word in road trip planning, but it’s fresh out of the gate, innovative, and worth trying out on a road trip this summer.

Visit AdventureGenie.

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