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Air New Zealand Ignites Romance with ‘Love Island’ Holiday Packages

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Air New Zealand has introduced exclusive ‘Love Island’ holiday packages, a fresh initiative aiming to kindle the sparks of romance among couples and solo travelers. With the starting price of just $252 one way, these romantic holidays are accessible from all the Australian capital cities and the Gold Coast.

Love Island Packages: An Escape to Romance

Kathryn O’Brien, the Australian general manager for Air New Zealand, elucidated that these packages are meticulously designed to cater to individuals seeking either romantic escapades or solo adventures imbibed with a touch of warmth and passion. The timing of this launch is not coincidental; it coincides with Valentine’s Day, traditionally celebrated as a day of love, making it an ideal time for lovers to experience New Zealand’s varied and alluring offerings.

New Zealand: A Haven for Romantics

New Zealand, renowned for its picturesque landscapes and vibrant cultural tapestry, is a favored destination among Australians. For couples seeking to breathe new life into their relationships, Queenstown offers wellness retreats and Japanese-style onsen hot baths. These amenities are set against the backdrop of awe-inspiring panoramas, providing an optimal environment for relaxation and connection.

Unique Experiences in Wellington and Beyond

Stepping outside of Queenstown, Air New Zealand’s ‘Love Island’ packages offer a host of unique experiences. In Wellington, couples can discover Dirty Little Secret, a hidden rooftop bar that provides a unique blend of privacy and luxury. Other notable attractions include Zealandia Te Māra a Tāne, a fully fenced urban ecosanctuary that offers a glimpse into New Zealand’s rich biodiversity, and Wētā Workshop, a renowned creative film hub brimming with artistic inspiration.

Christchurch, known for its top-notch golf courses and vibrant culinary scene, and Auckland, with its nearby wineries on the lush Waiheke Island, are also part of the destinations Air New Zealand promotes for these romantic holidays. Hence, the ‘Love Island’ packages not only ignite passion but also offer a chance to explore the diverse offerings of New Zealand.

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