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Akothee’s Eldest Son Refuses to Keep Off Phone During Vacation: “I’m Working to Give You Grandkids”

by Staff
  • Akothee reminded her sons to switch off their phones so they can enjoy their time in the village and mingle with others
  • However, the eldest protested, saying he had to talk to his girlfriend while admitting he was working on getting Akothee grandkids
  • The musician then told her to tell his lover that she said everyone in the family has to switch off their phones for three days

Veteran musician Esther Akoth, popularly known as Akothee, has left many in stitches after engaging her kids in a conversation about switching off phones while on family vacation.

Akothee attempted to get her sons off their phones so they could enjoy the village. Photo: Akothee.
Source: Instagram

In a TikTok video, Akothee, who was eating, asked her sons to switch off their phones so that they could enjoy the surroundings.

Why Akothee wants sons off phone

According to the mother of five, the boys were on their phones all the time and locked themselves in their bedroom, which beat the purpose of their visit to the village.

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This comes days after she announced she was taking a social media break but failed to keep up with it.

“From today until you’re going back to Switzerland and Europe, I would like to have your phones in my room. So you can enjoy the village. I mean, you cannot just lock yourself in the bedroom. When people come to the village they visit family, they walk aroundand see your cousins, you will have your phone. I need you guys to go and harvest the eggplants,” she said.

However, her youngest son interjected and explained that his older brother is always talking to his girlfriend all the time, so it would be unfair to take his phone away.

Akothee’s son on getting kids

Akothee then asked her eldest son to tell his girlfriend that he was in the village and had no network before correcting herself and telling him to say she took his phone.

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“Alfons, kindly go and talk to her and tell her you’re going to be off for three days. It’s detoxing. Just tell her you are somewhere in the village and there is no network. Okay, sorry, that is lying; just tell her my mum has asked the whole family to switch off their phones for three days,” added Akothee.

Her son, Alfons, tried to negotiate and resist the idea while telling his mum that he knew neither she nor his eldest sister would be off their phones.

“This is vacation, not hard labour. I’m getting my mum grandkids,” he said.

Watch the video below

Akothee delighted to see sons at airport

Akothee recently shared a video picking her sons up at the airport after coming back from France, where they live with one of her baby daddies.

In the video, the veteran musician could be seen tightly embracing her sons after running towards her.

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Social media users noted how the boys had all grown tall, dwarfing their mother while wishing them a good time in Kenya.


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