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American singer Fantasia declares Jamaica as her favorite travel destination

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In a recent interview with Variety Magazine as part of her press tour for the recreated movie classic, ‘The Colour Purple,’ American singer and actress Fantasia Barrino-Taylor made a resounding endorsement of Jamaica as her favorite place to visit.

A profound love for Jamaica

During the interview, Fantasia could not contain her enthusiasm as she expressed her deep affection for Jamaica. 

She enthusiastically declared, “I love Jamaica.”

The renowned artist, who plays the character ‘Celie’ in the film, went on to elaborate on what captivated her about the Caribbean island.

Embracing Jamaican culture

When asked about her favorite travel destination, the singer did not just stop at revealing her love for Jamaica but also shared her fascination with various aspects of Jamaican culture. 

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With a hint of delight in her voice, she exclaimed, “Oh my God! The food in Jamaica! I’m definitely gaining a couple of pounds, but I love to eat. I love to go to the clubs and dance all night. I just love Jamaica.”

Endorsement welcomed by tourism ministry

The Ministry of Tourism warmly welcomed Fantasia’s endorsement of Jamaica. 

On its social media platform, the Ministry shared a snippet of her interview where she expressed her admiration for the island’s charm and culture. 

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This endorsement resonates with the many tourists who flock to Jamaica year after year to experience its unique blend of music, cuisine, and vibrant nightlife.

A frequent visitor

According to the Tourism Ministry, Fantasia is no stranger to Jamaica. The multi-Grammy Award-winning recording artist has been a frequent visitor to the island, both for professional engagements as a concert headliner and to enjoy some downtime, connecting with the local people and immersing herself in the vibrant culture.

Musical resonance in Jamaica

Fantasia’s connection with Jamaica extends beyond her visits; her soulful hits like ‘I Believe,’ ‘Lose to Win,’ ‘Truth Is,’ and ‘When I See U’ have left a lasting impact on people worldwide, including Jamaicans. 

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