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Baby born mid-flight scores free flights for years to come

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These babies weren’t delivered via stork, but it was some kind of giant bird.

A young mother redefined “airdrop” after giving birth to a baby on a plane — with the airline praising the doctor on hand for reacting quickly “on the fly.”

“We experienced a unique moment on board one of our planes, we welcomed a new passenger mid-flight!” a spokesperson for Aeroméxico, the airline where the special delivery transpired, told Jam Pres. “The birth was something extraordinary that touched our hearts.”

Dr. Leticia Olivares Solorio holding the baby after helping the young mom give birth. Jam Press

The miraculous event occurred Friday after the unnamed 31-year-old-mother went into labor during a flight from Mexico City to Ciudad Juárez, local media reported.

Thankfully, off-duty doc, Dr. Leticia Olivares Solorio was on hand to help the mom-to-be successfully deliver her bundle of joy at 30,000 feet.

Accompanying footage shows airline staff holding the “new arrival,” which is swaddled in a blanket.

Upon touching down at their destination, the pair were sent to the hospital for a full health exam.

Because the birth happened in an uncontrolled environment, the mother and child had to go to separate facilities in case any complications arose due to the unorthodox birth circumstances.

Thankfully, both appeared to be stable following the sky-high delivery.

“Thanks to the incredible crew of flight AM113, to the bravery of the doctor traveling with us,” said an Aeroméxico spokesperson.
Jam Press Vid

The airline praised Dr. Solorio and the flight attendants for going above and beyond the call of duty.

“Aeroméxico would like to thank the doctor for her professionalism and recognize the extraordinary work of our flight attendants and pilots,” said the rep.

Aeroméxico even plans to gift the tot 90 free flights in honor of the airline’s 90th anniversary.

“The birth was something extraordinary that touched our hearts,” said an airline spokesperson. Jam Press Vid

This passenger was certainly not the first to have a baby on board an aircraft.

In November, an expectant mother was forced to similarly wing it when she unexpectedly went into labor moments before takeoff on a flight from Turkey to France.

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