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Best Flygreen private jet options for your next golf getaway

by Staff

Close your eyes and imagine the perfect golf trip.

Who is with you? What courses are you playing? Where are you staying?

These are all crucial questions, but one aspect of the perfect golf getaway that often goes overlooked is the travel.

Flygreen is here to solve that problem.

Offering purposeful and customized private jet experiences, Flygreen caters to the unique needs of travelers for business, leisure, and especially golf.

Flygreen offers many types of private jet experiences depending on the number of people, distance of flight, and remoteness of your next great golf adventure.

With a commitment to sustainability, the company plants trees to offset the carbon footprint of air travel, surpassing 30,000 trees in North American forests through its Forest Initiative.

To plan a flight, call 1-888-598-5102, or visit Flygreen’s website to learn more.

Here are five fantastic types of private-jet experiences that would truly make your next golf vacation unforgettable.

Cessna Caravan Amphibian (Cessna)

Type: Turboprop

Size: 10 passengers

Why you’ll love it: Perfect for shorter golf trips, the Cessna Caravan Amphibian is perfect for both traditional and remote golf courses, thanks to its unique amphibious capabilities. The two floats enable the aircraft to land on water gracefully, opening up access to exclusive lakeside courses and providing both an exhilarating and unique golfing experience amidst picturesque landscapes.

Plan your next golf getaway with Flygreen

Beechcraft King Air 350i (Aviation Week, Textron)

Type: Turboprop

Size: Nine passengers

Why you’ll love it: Eco-friendly, an efficient choice for long-distance golfing journeys, and powered by Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A engines, the Beechcraft King Air 35 not only offers excellent performance but also lower carbon emissions.

Learn more about the Beechcraft King Air private jet

Cessna Citation Sovereign (Aviation Week)

Type: Super midsize jet

Size: Nine passengers

Why you’ll love it: Golfers can swiftly and efficiently reach renowned golf destinations worldwide, ensuring they have more time to actually enjoy the golf. The Citation Sovereign combines performance and comfort, making it an ideal companion for golfers exploring diverse courses across the globe. This jet has the greatest in-class luggage compartment, making it a great choice for people traveling with golf bags.

Learn more about the Cessna Citation private jet

Gulfstream G IV SP (Business Jet Traveler)

Type: Longrange Jet

Size: 13-16 passengers

Why you’ll love it: The generous cabin space of the Gulfstream G IV-SP can accommodate up to 16 passengers, along with dedicated storage for golf equipment. The jet is powered by Rolls-Royce Tay Mk. 611-8 engines and has an extensive range of up to 4,109 nautical miles, making the Gulfstream G IV-SP the preferred aircraft for group golf travel and extended journeys to top-tier golfing destinations.

Plan your next golf getaway with Flygreen

Bombardier Global 7500 (Bombardier)

Type: Business Jet

Size: 19 passengers

Why you’ll love it: Luxury, thy name is Bombardier Global 750. With an expansive cabin that holds up to 19 of your nearest and dearest golfing buddies, the Global 7500 as a top choice for golfers seeking a refined but enjoyable travel experience to even the most distant of golf adventures.

Plan your next golf getaway with Flygreen

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