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Best Places To Go For Every Human Design Type

by Staff

Move over, Myers-Briggs. Human design has become one of the most popular frameworks for assessing our personalities. But it’s more than a way to understand yourself better—human design can also help travelers find the best places to visit that align with their innate nature and energy.

“When you begin to understand yourself better than ever before, you will also start to build a clear picture of the places you thrive in and the people who feel good to have around you. You’ll start to see the sorts of travel and adventures that either energize you or tire you out just thinking about them,” explains Emma Dunwoody, a human design master coach.

Dig out your birth certificate—you’ll need to have your exact date, time, and place of your birth to get your human design blueprint. With that information, Dunwoody’s site, along with other platforms like My Human Design and the International Human Design School, can tell you exactly which of the five human design types you are, which can help you plan your next trip.

“When it comes to travel, some may have a great time partying in Ibiza while others are much more comfortable enjoying a yoga retreat in Bali. When you understand how your energy works, you can choose destinations that speak to your heart and soul and create everlasting positive memories,” says Dunwoody.

Here are the best places to travel based on your human design type, whether you’re a perpetually curious manifestor or laid-back reflector.

Manifestors: Naoshima, Japan

Between its restorative nature and striking art installations, the remote island of Naoshima, Japan, is a dream destination for manifestors. This human design type thrives on creativity and the excitement of visiting lesser-known destinations.

“Manifestors will want to vacation somewhere they feel inspired and curious to explore, somewhere that gets their creative juices flowing,” says Dunwoody. “They are ahead of the curve, so their ideal travel destinations are places that are not yet on the radar of the masses and that they are intuitively drawn to.”

On Naoshima, manifestors can strike a balance between their intense bursts of energy and periods of deep rest. You can spend the morning seeing the renowned art at the Benesse House Museum and Yayoi Kusama’s iconic pumpkin sculptures near the seashore.

When you’re ready for a little down time, head to Naoshima Ryokan Roka (the island’s first-ever authentic Japanese inn) for a soak in a private open-air onsen bath. Once you’re recharged, head to the Miyanoura Port to see Sou Fujimoto’s “Naoshima Pavilion,” which looks magnificent lit up at night.

Generators: Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City should be on the top of every generator’s travel bucket list. People in this human design type “prefer a vacation with plenty of things to do and keep them busy and entertained with lots of options, variation, and things to respond to, like food, groups of people, and activities,” Dunwoody explains.

She adds: “Whatever gives generators energy and lights them up is their ‘thing’ on holiday.”

Build your itinerary around Mexico City’s incredible cultural attractions. At the Museo Frida Kahlo, you can wander around the famous Mexican artist’s home and gardens and get a deeper understanding of her complicated life. Check out the world’s largest collection of ancient Mexican artifacts—including the famous Aztec Sun Stone—at the Museo Nacional de Antropologia. And don’t miss the Palacio de Bellas Artes, a cultural center that’s as famous for its classical and Art Nouveau architecture as it is for its large-scale murals by Diego Rivera and other important Mexican artists.

Cultural attractions are just the beginning of the ways in which generators will vibe with Mexico City. Travelers with this human design type can also lean into their interest in cuisine with a taco tour after dark with Club Tengo Hambre, hop aboard a colorful gondola-style boat with locals on the Floating Gardens of Xochimilco, and step back in time at the Templo Mayor, which was one of the main temples of the Aztec empire.

Manifesting Generators: Greater Zion, Utah

If you’re a manifesting generator, the Greater Zion region of Utah has everything you need to stave off boredom and get your adrenaline pumping.

“Manifesting generators are similar to generators, but will find it harder to sit still,” says Dunwoody. “They may look for even more adventurous activities that get them out of their comfort zone, like hiking, rafting, skiing, or surfing. Whether they like to admit it or not, they thrive outside of their comfort zone.”

Spend a few days exploring Zion National Park, then venture outside its borders for even more adventure. Rock Odysseys can take you on an epic canyoneering trip, rappelling 100 feet through a water carved slot canyon, followed by a tasting of local wines at the Water Canyon Winery.

Kick up some dust on a guided horseback riding trip with Snow Canyon Trail Rides. The three-hour adventure takes you through the winding desert trails in the Red Mountain Wilderness and shows you a dramatic view overlooking Snow Canyon.

For more of the great outdoors, make your way to Cedar City and hike Red Hollow Trail, a sandy path through breathtaking red and white canyon walls. Then, catch a performance at the award-winning Utah Shakespeare Festival, which runs from mid-June through early October.

Even sleeping in Greater Zion is an adventure, thanks to the abundance of glamping spots. AutoCamp Zion can hook you up with an amenity-packed Airstream surrounded by nature and several unique experiences (like stargazing tours and outdoor morning yoga classes) to round out your trip.

Projectors: Cairo, Egypt

Cairo is one of the best travel destinations for projectors. Travelers with this human design type would do well on a group tour of the major attractions, like the Pyramids of Giza, to harness social energy while exploring. And with their innate wisdom, projectors will be able to appreciate these sacred sites in a deep way. Reading up on the rich history of the ancient world’s iconic monuments will help them make the most of their vacation.

“Projectors will enjoy a vacation where their wisdom is recognized—perhaps they are super knowledgeable about a specific destination, or they have expertise in a particular activity,” says Dunwoody. “Anywhere that they are valued for the wisdom they contribute to the vacation will be a fantastic destination.”

Make sure your itinerary includes lots of free time for relaxation and connecting one-on-one with new friends you meet during your travels. “Projectors will likely prefer to sit and chat versus running around and being over-scheduled or with too many people. To them, vacation is an invitation to connect and relax,” says Dunwoody.

When you need some quiet time, head to the Sufi Bookstore in Zamalek, an artsy enclave in Cairo. The laid-back bookstore has cozy spots where you can dig into a novel and find respite from the busy city.

Reflectors: Bali, Indonesia

Given that the environment plays a significant role in reflectors’ energy, travelers of this human design type would feel their best visiting a gorgeous, mellow destination, like Bali. The Indonesian island brims with beauty, from sugary sand beaches to awe-inspiring volcanos. It also beckons travelers to take it easy and relish the moment of every day.

“Reflectors need to vacation in places and environments that feel really good, clean, and happy to them. They will prefer a slower tempo where they can be on their own timeline and not feel rushed or hurried. They also may want to do less, have time for naps and relaxation, and even some solo travel time,” explains Dunwoody.

Keep your time in the bustling parts of Bali to a minimum, and instead focus on going off the beaten path. Go cycling through the Tegallalang Rice Terraces, soak up the tranquility of Sidemen village, or get a private bungalow on the beach of the seaweed-farming island of Nusa Lembongan, located a short ferry ride southeast of Bali. You’ll love exploring these pretty places on your own terms—and you’re likely to meet like-minded people along the way.

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