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Best time to book holidays in 2024 if you want the best deals according to insiders

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From cruises to city breaks, villas to all-inclusive resorts, here’s how to get the best deal on your 2024 holiday while not compromising on how good a time you have

There are plenty of ways to bag cheap holidays for 2024(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

If you’re already dreaming about your 2024 holiday, here are some expert tips to help you get the best deal possible.

When the miserable January weather here and the festivities firmly behind us come January, one can be forgiven for turning the mind towards booking a holiday. However, with the economy in the hole that it is and inflation squeezes wages up and down the country, it’s crucial to plan wisely.

Happily some travel experts are here to offer some advice for when it comes to booking a holiday and keeping it as cheap as possible. We also have some tips for getting the best possible deal when booking a holiday specifically in January, so make sure to check out those as well.

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Cheap cruise holidays

Being flexible with cabin type can keep the price of a cruise down( 2023 PA Media, All Rights Reserved)

Tony Andrews, MD of, suggests that if you’ve got a specific ship, route or cabin in mind, book early to bag lower prices. He also advises that your choice of cabins could significantly impact the cost.

“In fact, early bird prices can be up to 50% less. If a sea view isn’t important, as the main purpose of your cabin is to sleep in it, choose an inside cabin or a cabin with an obstructed view, as this will take a considerable amount off the price,” Tony said.

Another option is to go for a guaranteed cabin, which is assigned just before departure with the position and deck number chosen for you. These often come at a discounted rate. Booking an older ship can also help keep costs down.

It is easy to get swept up by adverts of shiny new, particularly massive cruise ships, but often these will be more expensive than slightly older ones, while the experience onboard may be exactly the same.

“If you’re interested in a particular destination and aren’t too worried about the ship you sail on, consider an older vessel. You’ll find its age is reflected in the price although you can still take advantage of a comfortable sailing to your chosen holiday location,” advises Andrews. “

Booking a cruise package that includes drinks, activities, transfers and flights can save you money over the course of the sailing, as The Mirror found when on a budget cruise late last year. Also, try to avoid peak times like summer, school holidays, Christmas and Easter. Instead, sail in the off-peak months of February, October and November for better deals.

Another option is booking a repositioning cruise. These cruises are when a ship sails from one area to the next for the new season. They’re usually cheaper because they spend most days on-board the ship rather than stopping at different destinations.

Cheap city breaks

“Staying a Sunday through to Thursday night instead of Saturday brings the price right down and offers the best possible chance for an upgrade,” recommend deals website Travelzoo.

Being flexible is also important. Often, it’s possible to find deals for similar destinations with no crowds. Consider choosing different dates and alternative airports, and avoid popular destinations. “Consumers can find some great holiday bargains if they try something new, particularly if an operator has just added a new destination to their programme,” say the Travelzoo team.

And forget about the myth of last-minute bargains. It pays to be prepared and book early. Those who do can benefit from early-booking offers and incentives that are designed to pique interest. Many hotels bookable through Travelzoo are available on a voucher system. This enables consumers to secure their desired hotels at the best possible price.

Cheap villa holidays

Stephen Ellison from Vintage Travel, a specialist in villas with pools, suggests a great way to cut holiday costs is to share with family friends or relatives. “Although the big properties look expensive, guests find that by sharing the costs of the accommodation and self-catering cooking, it works out much better value,” he said.

He recommends overlooked locations like Costa Verde and Minho in Northern Portugal for great beaches and towns at a cheaper price than the Algarve. Similarly, Galicia’s villas are less pricey than other parts of Spain.

Another tip is to choose a place that’s easy to reach by public transport to avoid car rental costs. “With car hire world-wide at a premium, particularly in summer, we’ve noticed an increased interest in our ‘car not essential’ collection of properties,” says Ellison.

“Guests can taxi from the airport then once installed in their villa can easily walk to the local amenities, hire bikes or make the most of the public transport links. Others choose France or Northern Spain so they can drive direct from the UK.”

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