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Best Tourist Traps Worth Visiting in the World, According to Redditors

by Staff

Many victims of terrible tourist traps will shiver at these words, but sometimes, falling in a trap specifically catered to unsuspecting tourists is the best thing that can happen to you.

Let me explain. Getting scammed is never cool, especially if you end up being taken advantage of just because you’re not a local—but that’s not what we’re referring to, in this case. What some people are saying is that some tourist traps are actually pretty cool, and you should definitely indulge in them despite their touristy reputations.

Unsurprisingly, the aforementioned people sparked quite the discussion on Reddit. This week, one user popped the question on the subreddit r/Travel, and it received almost 1,000 comments. “Tourist traps that you genuinely like?” they asked. “Mine would be the ‘Bund Sightseeing Tunnel‘ in Shanghai,” they said.

The most popular and well-received comment praised the over-touristed nature of one very popular US-based landmark. “Maid of the Mist at Niagara Falls,” the comment read. “You wait in line forever, the boat is packed, it seems cheesy… and then you get up to the Falls and feel their power, you realize that the boat has the engine running at full power yet it struggles against the current and you realize that yeah, this is awesome.”

Sometimes, just like in the Niagara Falls case, overpacked doesn’t translate to a lower quality of the experience. Or, in other instances, it doesn’t translate to a lower quality of food. The second most-liked comment highlights just that concept, stating that Hofbrauhaus in Munich is actually a great place for food and drink, despite its huge popularity.

“The food we got was phenomenal, the beer was obviously good and the atmosphere was eclectic with multiple couples around us all talking to each other in different languages,” reads the comment. “We went to a few smaller beer halls, but felt that Hofbrauhaus was the best one.”

Closing the top three, instead, is a beloved destination for Lord of the Rings aficionados. New Zealand’s Hobbiton, apparently, is really the place to be. “Hobbiton,” reads the comment. “Yes, I will take a photo of me and my boyfriend in the door of a hobbit house.”

Sometimes, though, it isn’t even destinations that make the best tourist traps. At times, it is actually objects. “Not places, but souvenir shops,” explains one user. “I love them. The only thing I ever buy is fridge magnets and maybe keychains but I love looking at all that shit.”

What worthy tourist traps would you add to this list?

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