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Big rusty pole becomes tourist sensation in Gloucestershire with ‘spectacular’ reviews on Tripadvisor

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Gloucestershire has a new tourist attraction that has garnered rave reviews on Tripadvisor, albeit with one dissenting voice. While the Forest of Dean is world renowned for its natural beauty and fascinating history, one overlooked feature is gaining real traction for those looking for something a bit different.

The Cinderford Rusty Pole stands proudly erect on Littledean Road and is set against lush fields, offering a stark meditation on humankind’s impact on the natural world. Reviewers have hailed the sewer vent pipe as ‘spectacular’ and even as a destination for a day out with work colleagues.

The structure, which is identified on Google Maps, has been described as mesmeric, life-changing, ornate and mysterious. Other words to describe it include transcendental and omnipresent while comparisons have been made, perhaps slightly tongue in cheek, to the pyramids – although this could be tongue in cheek.

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It is also faring well against other poles in the UK. One person on Tripadvisor, who wrote they were a member of the UK Pole Society, waxed lyrical about the ‘historic Forest landmark’

The spectacular rusty pole(Image: Riley Bullock)

They said it was a treat for their 40th birthday, adding: “I’ve admired countless poles constructed of various materials during my four decades adorning this marvellous planet but this quite possibly is the finest. The intricate detail of the casting at the base of the pole is particularly triumphant, the shaft slender yet strong and the top so neatly terminated it could only have been done by the finest craftsmen to walk this land.”

Another said: “I took our team up here for a lunch and learn. They were sceptical, but once it was in sight they understood.

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