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Bridesmaid’s dream holiday ruined after airport security staff lose passports

by Staff

A bridesmaid’s dream holiday was ruined after Bristol Airport security staff lost her family’s passports. Ross Bradley and Nancy Hesp were on their way to Cyprus for a friend’s wedding along with their one-year-old Sonny when the incident occurred.

Nancy said: “We knew we had our passports safely with us when we arrived at Bristol Airport because we needed them to check the luggage in – so you can imagine our absolute horror when we went to board our plane, and they had mysteriously gone missing.”

She added: “We tried to explain that they must be somewhere inside the airport, but we were just turned away and shown the door after a cursory search of some of the areas where we’d been. No loss was officially logged, and no one said they’d search the security checking area, even though I told staff that I’d seen an employee upturn my personal bag and empty all its contents.”

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Nancy, a marketing manager, spent two days crying after having to tell her friend she wouldn’t make it to her wedding. She said: “After being ejected from the airport, we tried to get emergency passports and last-minute flights – we did everything we could to try and get to Cyprus because Simone’s wedding was going to be a huge, once-in-a-lifetime event that we were looking forward to. But all to no avail…

“You can imagine how my jaw dropped two weeks later when I received a phone call from a staff member at Bristol Airport saying he had reviewed CCTV footage and immediately noticed how the folder containing our passports had fallen out of my upturned bag during the security search.

“I had sent the airport details of our exact time of arrival, and also photographs of the passport folder – and this member of staff told me he’d gone straight to the security area after watching the footage and, in less than two minutes, he had found the folder with all three of our passports hidden under a bench.”

Sonny at Bristol Airport looking forward to getting on the plane before it transpired Bristol Airport security had misplaced his family’s passports(Image: Hesp family)

“If airport staff had done this quick search when we were at the gate, we could have continued our journey to Cyprus,” said Mr Bradley, a carpenter. “But there was no official support, advice, or any backup. Passports are important documents, but no one recorded the loss took our names, or anything. The general tone was: ‘Well, you’ve been stupid enough to lose your passports – so now go home and learn to be more careful’.

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