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Brskov fortress recreation, Montenegro

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The competition seeks conceptual proposals for a landmark new visitor centre and ‘pseudo-historical’ castle recreation on a prominent hilltop site located around 4km west of the remote abandoned former fortress and silver mines of Brskov.

The project – backed by the Municipality of Mojkovac – will transform a large riverside site on the outskirts of the nearby town of Mojkovac into a new ‘architectural reinterpretation of the old fortification and mining settlement’ along with a complex dedicated to culture, science and tourism.

According to the brief: ‘The goal of creating the conceptual architectural solution in question is to improve the urban identity of Mojkovac. The currently undeveloped, sprawling and unkempt space on the outskirts of the city needs a new identity.

‘It is planned to carry out the spatial and technical elaboration of the optimal variant of the reinterpretation of the fortifications in Brskov and the mining settlement with all the known elements of the old settlement at the new location, in a specific scope, whereby the methods of arranging the space would be proposed, the forms and materialization would be determined based on the available historical data.

‘The goal is also the construction and arrangement of a cultural and scientific complex with demonstrative, animating and entertainment content in the context of a tourist promotion centre.

Brskov has been an important focus of mining since medieval times but the remote hilltop village is poorly served by transport infrastructure and the site of its former fortress and mines are difficult to access.

The latest project aims to create a historically inspired recreation of the former fortress and mining settlement on a prominent site close to a major road on the outskirts of nearby Mojkovac.

The anonymous competition is the latest in a series of contests held in the country in recent years – including a contest for a national Museum of Contemporary Art and a recent open call for a new accident and emergency department next to Podgorica’s Brutalist-style Clinical Centre of Montenegro complex.

Judges will include the archaeologist Miloš Živanović, the architect Svetlana Perović and Marko Janketić – a historian from the Municipality of Mojkovac.

The overall winner – to be announced on 30 April – will receive a €13,000 top prize while a second prize of €7,000, third prize of €3,000 and two honourable mentions worth €1,000 each will also be awarded.

Competition details

Project title Competition for the conceptual design of the architectural reinterpretation of the old fortress and mining settlement Brskovo
Client Municipality of Mojkovac
Contract value Tbc
First round deadline 5 April 2024
Restrictions Participants in the competition can be individuals with residence or headquarters in Montenegro, as well as individuals with residence or headquarters in another country, where at least one of the authors of the competition work (individual or leader of the author’s team) must be a licensed architect. The license can be obtained in Montenegro or another country and must be submitted as part of the competition documentation. The author or leader of the author’s team may engage experts from other professions to improve the competition solution
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