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Canada Crowned Safest Travel Destination for 2024

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Canada Tops 2024’s Safest Travel Destinations List

In the realm of travel and tourism, safety has become an increasingly important factor for globetrotters. The Safest Destinations report by Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection has just released its analysis for the year 2024, providing insights into the world’s safest travel destinations. The report draws from a comprehensive survey of travelers and an array of reliable sources, including the Global Peace Index, U.S. State Department’s travel safety ratings, and GeoSure Global scores.

The Evolving Criteria for Safety

The concept of a ‘safe destination’ has evolved drastically over the years. Originally, the term was synonymous with regions free from terrorist activities. Today, it extends to include disease outbreak mitigation and the freedom for all types of people to travel without the fear of discrimination or harassment.

Canada Clinches the Top Spot

For 2024, the top rank goes to none other than Canada, which has leapfrogged from sixth place in 2023. Factors contributing to this ascension include the nation’s cold weather, low population density, and status as the safest place in terms of transportation, violent crime, and health measures. Canada has also distinguished itself as a haven for women and individuals from the LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC communities. However, it’s worth noting that the country does grapple with issues related to wildfires.

Other Safe Destinations

Following closely behind Canada is Switzerland, lauded for its low crime rate but also noted for natural disaster risks like avalanches and rockslides. Rounding out the top five are Norway, Ireland, and the Netherlands, the latter having dropped from its top position in 2023 due to an uptick in petty crime.

On the Asian front, Vietnam has emerged as a beacon of safety and adventure. The country’s low crime rates, welcoming culture, stringent safety regulations, and improvements in healthcare have contributed to its reputation. Other countries making their mark as safe destinations include Italy, France, and Germany. These European nations have been recognized for their blend of culture, nature, and gastronomy.

As travelers continue to prioritize safety in their travel plans, these rankings offer valuable insights into the global landscape. With a diverse array of safe destinations spanning continents and cultures, the world remains an inviting place for exploration and adventure.

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