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Canada Plane Diverted After 16-Year-Old Attacks Family Mid-Air

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There was a three-hour delay before the plane could continue its journey to Calgary.

An unexpected disruption occurred on an Air Canada flight when a 16-year-old passenger attacked a family member during the flight. The unusual situation resulted in a drastic detour and a three-hour wait for the passengers, as per a report in USA Today.

Air Canada Flight 137 was en route from Toronto to Calgary when the incident took place, as per a press statement issued by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The Winnipeg Richardson International Airport was notified of an aircraft diversion to Winnipeg at 12:20 p.m. local time, according to police, because of “an unruly passenger on board who had assaulted a passenger.”

The police stated, “The investigation has determined that Air Canada flight #137 was en route from Toronto to Calgary, when a 16-year-old male passenger, from Grande Prairie, assaulted an adult male passenger who was identified as a family member.”

According to the authorities, the 16-year-old was restrained by fellow travellers and airline staff. They also stated that the family member received treatment for “minor physical injuries” during the flight and the teenager was detained and transferred to the hospital for a medical examination. No other injuries were reported and the motive behind the attack remains unclear.

However, there was a three-hour delay before the plane could continue its journey to Calgary.

Meanwhile, Air Canada has been in the news for some time. In October, a British MP claimed that he was stopped from getting on an Air Canada flight because of his name. Bedford Labour MP Mohammad Yasin was scheduled to travel to Canada along with several other MPs from the Commons Housing, Communities, and Levelling Up Committee, but he was detained for further interrogation. He was told it was “because his name was Mohammad”.

As per BBC, Mr Yasin was stopped both at immigration at Heathrow and on the way back to the UK in Toronto. He said he was questioned at Heathrow Airport check-in by Air Canada officials and asked if he was carrying a knife or other offensive weapon. The MP faced similar questions from officials on his return trip to the UK. He was eventually allowed to board after proving his identity as an MP and presenting a valid visa.

However, he stated that the incident was “stressful and humiliating”. The MP told BBC, ”It was stressful and humiliating to be singled out in such an aggressive way by immigration control, especially when travelling in a group as a representative of the British Parliament on long-arranged committee business. While I don’t expect special treatment as a Member of Parliament, it does concern me that had I not been an MP, how much worse the experience might have been.”

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