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Carlisle officially the UK’s best dog-friendly holiday spot

by Staff

Whether you’re a seasoned traveller with your furry companion or a first-time explorer, you can bet the Lake District is one of the best places to head to, but now it’s official.

As a nation of dog lovers, outdoor experts Millets wanted to uncover which cities are the most dog-friendly across the UK.

To find out, they looked at several factors, such as cities with the most dog-friendly hiking spots and the destinations with the most dog-friendly bars and pubs.

Whether lacing up your walking boots and going on a long breathtaking walk with your loyal companion or just looking for the perfect staycation destinations with top-notch dog care facilities, we can now reveal the best holiday locations across the country for you and your four-legged companion to create unforgettable memories.

Best dog-staycation spots in the UK

1. Carlisle, England – 8.85 /10

Millets wrote: “Carlisle takes the crown as the most dog-friendly destination on our list, scoring 8.85 out of 10. Surrounded by natural beauty and stunning historical sites, the popular holiday destination is a cathedral city filled with dog-friendly trails, such as the River Caldew Path and beautiful monastic gardens.

“Ranked second highest for pet-friendly hotels, Carlisle has a range of hotels where dogs are welcome. The Halston is a top-rated hotel that offers dog-friendly apartments. You can look forward to your pampered pooches being greeted with dog bowls, comfy beds, and many treats.”

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2 – Exeter – 8.39

3 – Preston – 8.31

4 – Stirling – 8.12

5 – Norwich – 7.75

6 – Worcester – 7.72

7 – Gloucester – 7.69

8 – Plymouth – 7.61

9 – Lancaster – 7.37

10 – Chester – 7.34

The research also found:

The holiday destinations with the most pet-friendly hotels with Carlisle once again making the top three alongside Newport and Dunfermline.

The staycation destinations with the most dog-friendly beaches include beaches across Wales, Scotland and England.

Holiday locations with the most amount of dog groomers, including Bangor, Preston and Durham.

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