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Cellusys Team Concludes Epic Five-Year Africa Road Trip, Unveils Connectivity Insights

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A team from Cellusys, a leading telecoms cybersecurity firm, has successfully completed a groundbreaking five-year road journey across Africa, aiming to deepen its understanding of the mobile connectivity landscape. Starting in 2019 at the Mobile World Congress in Spain and culminating in Cape Town, the initiative was led by company chairman Dawood Ghalaieny. The journey provided invaluable insights into the challenges and opportunities within the African telecom sector, particularly in relation to mobile operators like MTN Group.

Insightful Journey Across Diverse Landscapes

The Cellusys team, comprising solutions engineers, marketers, social media managers, and a mechanic, embarked on their journey in four Toyota Land Cruisers. Throughout their travels, they experienced varying levels of connectivity, from 4G in some regions to virtually no service in others, highlighting the disparities across the continent. However, they also witnessed significant infrastructural developments, particularly in areas with existing road networks, which facilitated connectivity. This snowball effect of infrastructure investment has not only supported mobile connectivity but also paved the way for the growth of ‘over-the-top’ (OTT) services, with mobile money services being a standout.

Challenges, Opportunities, and Local Engagement

Despite the connectivity disparities, the team’s experience underscored the importance of engaging with local communities for successful business operations in Africa. The journey revealed the critical role of mobile money services in facilitating transactions even in the most remote areas, a testament to the continent’s evolving digital landscape. Moreover, the reliance on local knowledge over technology, such as GPS, in navigating challenging terrains, highlighted the adaptability required to thrive in Africa’s diverse environments.

Broader Implications for Telecom and Connectivity

The Cellusys team’s expedition across Africa sheds light on the broader implications for telecom and digital services on the continent. As infrastructure continues to improve, the potential for digital transformation in Africa is immense, with mobile money services leading the way in reshaping everyday transactions. This journey not only provided the Cellusys team with a deeper understanding of the operational landscape for telecoms in Africa but also highlighted the continent’s potential as a hotbed for digital innovation and inclusion. The team’s experiences and insights are a valuable contribution to the ongoing dialogue on how to best support and leverage Africa’s digital transformation journey.

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