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Home Vacation Charlotte Crosby and partner take night off from parenting to enjoy romantic date on luxury getaway

Charlotte Crosby and partner take night off from parenting to enjoy romantic date on luxury getaway

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Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby revealed she spent Christmas in the Maldives with fiance Jake, their one-year-old daughter Alba and her mum after the tragic passing of her nan last year

Charlotte and her boyfriend Jake(Charlotte Crosby/Instagram)

Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby shared a truly incredible moment from her trip to the Maldives with fiancé Jake Ankers as they spent some time away from their one-year-old daughter Alba.

The reality TV star took to Instagram to share beautiful pictures from their recent vacation including a snap from her romantic date with Jake. Charlotte appeared to be in awe of her view as she watched the sunset on the beach, where the couple planned to enjoy a meal. She simply captioned the shot: “How is this even real.”

Crosby and Jake spent their cosy evening soaking in the spectacular sight from their hideout spot on the island. Their tent had been lit with several candles and on the floor, they had comfortable seats facing the ocean. In the middle of the set-up was a table adorned with their plates and champagne glasses.

The couple enjoyed a romantic date in the Maldives (Instagram)
Their stunning view (Instagram)

Just before heading out on their date, Charlotte posted what she planned to wear for the evening. Showing off her fit, a multicoloured dress with a slit on one side which she paired with a white handbag, she said: “Love this piece from @murciuk And I paired it with@peppergirlsclub crescent bag! That just launched… we are off on a little date night.”

“My mam and dad are looking after alba tonight so we could have a little night to our selfs! Very cute but I realised I already typed all of this but for some reason all my stories are getting taken down so I’m having to redo. anyway I’m gonna be getting veryyyyy drunk tonight as I deserve it and I;m starting the programme soon!”

The Geordie Shore star has reportedly splashed out on the £2k-a-night hotel during her luxury vacation. Charlotte recalled how she had a ‘very difficult” Chrtiams and had hoped to spend the festive period outside of the UK. Speaking exclusively to the Mirror earlier this month, Charlotte explained how her nan Jean passing away in November 2022 means Christmas will ‘never be the same again’.

“This is a first time abroad I’ve never done a Christmas away and we’re not doing any presents. It’s just about making some memories, like amazing memories, on a big family holiday,” the mum-of-one revealed. “We’re going with my mum, my dad – just basically everyone who we would gather with on Christmas Day.”

She spent the holiday with boyfriend Jake, her mum and daughter Alba. Sharing a Christmas message with her followers, the star said: “Merry Christmas everyone! I’ve hugged and kissed my family more than ever day!!!!!! I think my mams becoming a bit suspicious I keep kissing her on the cheeks!

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