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Cinderford’s rusty pole receives amazing online reviews

by Staff
  • By Harriet Robinson, Andy Howard & Georgia Stone
  • BBC News, Cinderford

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Reviews on Tripadvisor call the rusty pole “mind-boggling” and “spectacular”

A large rusty pole has become an unlikely tourist attraction with online reviews hailing it as “breathtaking”.

The 6m [19ft] pole stands on Littledean Hill Road in Cinderford, Gloucestershire, next to a sheep field and is thought to be a sewer vent.

Reviewers on Tripadvisor have called it “spectacular” and a “life-changing experience”.

Tom Bull from Severn Cider said they have even made a special edition Rusty Pole cider to celebrate its attention.

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Tom Bull, from Severn Cider, said they had even made a limited edition of Rusty Pole cider to mark the pole’s popularity

“It’s a little bit crazy but at the same time it’s interesting and a bit of fun. It’s a great place to come and visit,” he added.

Despite the assumedly ironic reviews, on a clear day the location offers picturesque views across the Severn Valley, including Slimbridge, Stroud and the winding River Severn, ranking it the third best thing to visit in the town.

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Mark Terry-Lush said the pole was a “beacon” of history

Mark Terry-Lush from Forest of Dean and Wye Valley Tourism said: “It’s not so much a rusty pole, they used to be called stink pipes and they were connected into the sewage system below.

“I think it’s fabulous. We’ve got a new attraction which actually kind of fits the industrial heritage of the Forest.

“It’s a beacon of our heritage and a beacon of our history, but also it’s also a place to come and enjoy this stunning vista. It is part of the hidden gems of the Forest.”

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Cherry and Duncan said it was “an honour” to live opposite the pole

Cherry and Duncan said it was “an honour” to live opposite the site of interest.

“It’s been a bit strange because that has been there 100 and something years and we’ve always known it and all of a sudden we have people coming to look at it, which is odd.

“We call it the sewer pipe,” Cherry added.

The pole, which has more than 20 reviews, is even ranked higher than the town’s century-old Palace Cinema.

Cinema owner Andy Loughler said: “The pole, magnificent as it is, can’t compare to the Palace for entertaining people from all over the county for more than 100 years now.

“With the drop in the weather, I’d recommend the Palace as being considerably warmer because the pole, being on the top of Littledean Hill, has a fabulous view over the Severn Valley and the Cotswolds, but it gets pretty windy up there.”

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The poles used to be called stink pipes and were connected into the sewage system

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