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Coffee District Kodagu: Kodagu 7th most searched travel destination by Indians on Gogle

by Staff
MYSURU: Karnataka election results was the second-most searched news event on Google, while Kodagu is the seventh-most trending travel destination, according to the year in search for 2023 in India.
The Karnataka poll result, which saw Congress winning comprehensively reducing BJP to a distant second, was the top-searched news event in April and May.Kodagu was searched more in December.
Often called Scotland of India, Kodagu ranked above Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Italy and Switzerland, besides leaving fellow Karnataka tourist hotspots Mysuru, Hampi and coastal areas far behind.
Tourism stakeholders said though the monsoon tourism was a big failure in Kodagu district because of truant rain, a huge flow of tourists was seen towards the end of the year.
Anitha Bhaskar, deputy director of tourism, Kodagu, said the district recorded 23 lakh visitors in 2022, the year that was seeking to slay the overhanging Covid ghosts and clear the path for near-normal tourism activities. However, the year 2023 saw an exponential increase in tourist footfall with 74 lakh visitors coming to the coffee district. While 57 lakh tourists came to the district from Jan to Sept this year, the last quarter of the calendar year saw 15-17 lakh tourists visiting the district, she said.
The tourism department has fast-tracked registration of homestays and made initiatives to help tourists. The homestay owners who didn’t register till now or those who didn’t renew their licences are now coming forward to sign up with us. We are planning a roadmap for tourism development in the district, which includes sustainable tourism activities,” she said. Related topics searched on Google included ‘Chikkamagaluru itinerary for two days’, ‘Chikkamagaluru’ and ‘best time to visit Coorg’. According to BR Nagendra Prasad, chairman of the Kodagu Hoteliers’ and Resort Owners’ Association, the tourism season begins in October. This year, due to the failure of monsoon, it started late. “The district has over 35,000 rooms. Currently, over 1 lakh tourists are in the district,” he said, adding there is an urgent need to diversify the tourism activities, tourism spots within the five taluks of the district.

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