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Colombian traveler reveals Europe’s most economical tourist destination

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For numerous Latin Americans, the desire to explore Europe is great; however, visiting cities like Paris, Rome, or Barcelona can be quite expensive. This situation often leads many to postpone these desires, turning them into unattainable dreams. In this context, a Colombian tourist, known for his travel content in the European continent, shared information about the most affordable country in the Old Continent, detailing the costs associated with accommodation, food, attractions, and transportation.

What is the cheapest country to visit in Europe? This is what a Latin tourist said

The cheapest country to visit in Europe is Albania, located in the southeast of the European Balkan Peninsula, according to content creator Soypilisha on Instagram. As explained by the user, you can get very good prices on accommodations and even access discounts. In addition, among its main attractions are the beaches of the Albanian Riviera, castles, and several archaeological sites. Likewise, it is a place that retains much charm because it is not yet overwhelmed by tourist crowds, like Paris.

According to the content creator, it is possible to find lodging, food, and transportation at very good prices, which is why he referred to it as a perfect tourist spot for those who want to maximize their budget.

Why is Albania a cheap tourist destination in Europe?

Albania is an inexpensive country to visit because it offers a unique experience at very low prices. For example, staying in a private apartment costs approximately €10.

On the other hand, in this country, tourists can practically choose the accommodations they want because many owners operate through Booking and Airbnb platforms. “Travelers can find options that suit their needs and budget. Furthermore, by paying directly to the host, it is possible to obtain additional discounts,” he emphasized.

Another alternative to getting the best prices on food can be through the TripAdvisor application. It is estimated that eating in local restaurants costs approximately €8.

Another way to enjoy your trip could be by renting a car, which costs approximately €25 per day. The recommendation is to use the Kayak platform.

What are the tourist attractions of Albania?

Albania is a nation with a rich history, beautiful natural landscapes, and a vibrant culture. Here are some of its main tourist attractions:

Tirana: the capital of Albania is a lively town, full of colors and diversity. You can visit Skanderbeg Square, the heart of the city, the Pyramid of Tirana, and the Great Park. The city is also famous for its vibrant nightlife and gastronomy.

Gjirokastër: known as the City of Stone, it is one of the most charming towns in Albania and has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its main attractions include its imposing castle, well-preserved Ottoman houses, and the Ethnographic Museum.

Berat: another UNESCO World Heritage Site, famous for its white houses with windows that seem to look at you, called the “thousand windows”. It houses the impressive fortress of Berat, from where you can obtain spectacular views of the surrounding area.

Albanian Riviera: the Albanian coast is known for its beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters. Among the popular destinations on the Albanian Riviera are Sarandë, Ksamil, Himarë, and Dhërmi. These areas offer excellent opportunities for swimming, sunbathing, and enjoying marine cuisine.

What is the climate like in Albania?

The climate in Albania varies considerably between the coast and the mountainous interior. Overall, the country enjoys pleasant weather throughout the year. The coast experiences typical Mediterranean weather with hot, dry summers and mild, humid winters, where the average temperature in summer is 24°C. On the other hand, the mountains have a more continental climate with cold subarctic winters and cooler summers, especially at higher altitudes.

Sea temperatures in Albania are a bit cool for swimming in June, but they become acceptable or pleasantly warm from July to September.

In Tirana, the capital located about 30 kilometers from the coast, the climate is similar to the coastal although slightly cooler at night. Winters are mild and rainy, and summers are hot and sunny, with some very hot days. Therefore, for a trip to Albania, it is advisable to bring appropriate clothing for the season and the specific region you plan to visit, considering the climatic variation between the coast and mountainous regions.


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