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Coronation Street spoilers – Paul’s family road trip goes wrong

by Staff

Episode 11,172 – 11,173 | Airs Tuesday 23 January 2024 at 21:00 on ITV1

Bernie is thrilled as Paul and Gemma reluctantly agree to a night in the dilapidated motorhome. Paul and Gemma suspect Bernie is lost as she stops in a lay-by and pulls out a road atlas and share worried looks between them as they discover there’s no phone signal.

Billy tries in vain to call Paul, worried where he might have got to. Bernie stops the motorhome in the middle of a field and admits she has no idea of the way to the campsite. She starts the engine, only to discover they’re stuck in the mud.

Alone in the flat and unable to get hold of Paul, Billy looks in the kitchen cupboard and is horrified to discover the Benzo tablets missing. Paul’s phone finally leaps into life and Gemma answers to hear Billy begging Paul not to take the drugs as it’s too soon. Will Paul share the truth with Bernie and Gemma about his end of life plan?

Meanwhile, Dee-Dee tells Ed that it’s time he moved back home, but when Dee-Dee urges Michael to bury the hatchet with Ed and allow him to move back home, he declares if Ed moves back in he’ll move out.

As Dee-Dee pleads Ed’s case to Michael, they’re interrupted by a loud knocking at the door. Dee-Dee and Michael are shocked to find two bailiffs on the doorstep.

Elsewhere, making it clear to Gary that he’s done enough damage, Maria sets off to the police station with Liam. Sean rails at Gary and tells him he’s glad he reported Liam to the police as bullies need to be punished. In the police station, Maria assures Liam that everything will be fine if he tells the truth.

Also today, Tracy unwraps her birthday present from Steve and is underwhelmed to discover a cherry stone pillow. Chucking it back at him, Tracy tells Steve she wants their bedroom redecorating and he can start today. When Tracy moans to Mary about lazy Steve and how she doubts he’ll ever get round to the decorating, Mary suggests she should hire a professional.

Finally, in the factory, Max agrees to update the website for Carla. Spotting Simon, Max heads over and warns him to stay away from Sabrina as she’s already spoken for. Bobby takes Lauren for a drink in the Rovers and tells Carla and Simon that while she says she only wants to be mates, that’ll soon change.

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