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Couple’s holiday takes spooky turn after realising they’re the only guests at 5-star Mexico resort

by Staff

Imagine taking a romantic vacation to a beautiful, sweeping resort on the ocean with your spouse only to discover that you had the entire place to yourself — would you feel ecstatic? Overwhelmed? Maybe a little bit creeped out?

TikTok user Cameron, whose handle is @freedomhustler, and his wife found themselves in exactly such a situation when they ventured down to the Grand Velas Boutique in Los Cabos, Mexico, to celebrate their babymoon — a honeymoon of sorts but for couples about to have their first baby.

The resort was a dream, the American said in a video he posted to his account, which featured clips of the 5-star “luxurious and intimate” retreat that markets itself as “Mexico’s prestigious coastal haven” that provides “a romantic escape” that includes “five-star culinary artistry,” pools, jacuzzis and a private beach, according to the resort’s website.

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As Cameron strolled along the sprawling property, he began to notice its emptiness, quickly realising that he and his wife appeared to be the only guests there. He began to seek out others but found no one, just the employees and contractors tasked with upkeeping the gorgeous facades and foliage around the massive resort.

A couple who stayed at Mexico’s Grand Velas Los Cabos resort quickly realised they appeared to be the only ones there(Image: @freedom_hustler/Tiktok)

“This was kind of creepy, but we had this whole entire resort to ourselves,” Cameron began the video. “At first, it started as a joke, so I started recording on our first day and not seeing anybody but employees.”

There appeared to be no other people save for the workers at the resort(Image: @freedom_hustler/Tiktok)

He continued: “But you can see as the days progress, it starts to freak us out and felt more like an episode from Black Mirror.” They began to explore, he said, but then noted that “things started getting a little creepier” once they began attending the activities planned for them at the resort, realising that those were also empty save for themselves.

“Day two, we walked to the farthest part of the resort to look for live people,” Cameron continued. “The immaculate outdoor seating was just empty. You’ll see my camera start to go a little crazier as this joke turns into more panic when I’m sending it to my friends. Every time I think I see someone that’s not wearing a white uniform, I get excited, only to realise, ‘No, more contractors working on the place,’ which, again, was kind of cool until it wasn’t.”

The Grand Velas Los Cabos resort in Los Cabos, Mexico, boasts sweeping views of the ocean and lots of gorgeous amenities(Image: @freedom_hustler/Tiktok)

He added: “I would find myself at night just looking over the whole place trying to find someone.” He added that he’s a real estate investor and that he began to wonder how the place was paying for its upkeep — all the constantly burning fires, the lights, everything. “Who is paying for all this?” he asked.

Cameron and his wife pose for a picture. They had taken a babymoon in Los Cabos(Image: @freedom_hustler/Tiktok)

He admitted that, after a while, they saw an older couple during their first dinner and then a younger couple during their second morning, but they didn’t see anyone else. Nevertheless, they said the food and accommodations were immaculate. “I do not know why this place was not jam-packed,” he said.

The TikTok garnered around 6.7 million views and over 300,000 likes, and many users were quick to comment under it with their thoughts on the ordeal, with many demanding if they had asked the front desk what was going on with it. One user stated that it might be because it’s January, and not many people vacation in January, they said.

Cameron wondered how the resort paid for all its amenities despite there being no guests(Image: @freedom_hustler/Tiktok)

Others yet commented that it might be because of the prices — ranging anywhere from $1,100 to over $2,000 per night, they said not many people would be able to afford the place, with others saying that it’s one of Mexico’s most expensive all-inclusive resorts. Most reviews, including that in the video, were positive, however.

Megan Taylor, a spokesperson for the resort, wrote in a statement to The Mirror US: “While we cannot comment specifically on if a guest is staying at any of our resorts, the property shown in the video is Grand Velas Boutique Los Cabos, the newest resort in the Velas Resorts’ collection. Grand Velas Boutique Los Cabos opened on Jan 8th and in its soft opening phase, we are limiting the number of suites available for booking until we are confident that all aspects of the resort from accommodations and restaurants to design and service will surpass travelers’ expectations.”

The resort came with a private beach, which Cameron and his wife enjoyed all to themselves(Image: @freedom_hustler/Tiktok)

She added: “Velas Resorts operate at 100% regardless of the number of actual guests staying on the property. That is a staff to guest ratio of 3 to 1, versus at many other resorts that are the opposite (3 guests to every 1 staff).”

She continued: “Comparatively higher than others in the destination, our nightly rates reflect the value that one receives when visiting Velas Resorts. We don’t lower our rates just to pack people in. At present, we are limiting the number of suites available for booking at the new property until we are confident that all aspects of the resort would surpass travelers’ expectations.”

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