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Delta Airlines Hands Over Flight Records for Fani Willis’ Romantic Getaway

by Staff

Delta Airlines has been forced to hand over flight details from the getaway taken by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and Nathan Wade, the chief prosecutor in former President Donald Trump‘s election fraud case in Georgia.

Lawyers for one of Trump’s co-defendants, Michael Roman, subpoenaed the details from Delta, along with any other flight records for the pair, who went to Napa Valley, California, in May 2023.

Trump and 18 others were indicted in August as part of the sweeping RICO case. They are being tried under the state’s broad criminal racketeering laws for their alleged efforts to help the former president overturn the results of the 2020 election in Georgia.

Trump pleaded not guilty to all 13 charges against him and has said the case is politically motivated because he is the front-runner for the GOP presidential nomination. Roman, a former Trump staffer, pleaded not guilty to similar charges.

Donald Trump speaks during a campaign event at the Greensboro Coliseum on March 2 in Greensboro, North Carolina. During the speech, Trump criticized Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis for taking trips with Nathan Wade,…

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Delta’s submission of the flight records to the court was done “in camera,” meaning that no member of the public or media was allowed in court when the handover took place, the latest filings in the case show.

Newsweek sought email comment from Trump’s attorney and Delta Airlines on Monday and comment on Facebook Messenger from Roman’s attorney on Sunday.

Trump’s and Roman’s attorneys are seeking to establish that Willis and Wade were in a relationship before the case against Trump and that Willis hired Wade because of that relationship.

Scott McAfee, the judge overseeing the case, ordered on February 23 that the Delta records be placed under seal.

“As a result of Defendant Roman’s subpoena issued to Non-Party Delta Air Lines, Inc….non-party Delta Air Lines, Inc. provided the relevant documents to the Court in-camera,” McAfee wrote.

“These documents will be filed separately via sealed envelope delivered to the Clerk of Court. This envelope shall not be opened until further order of this Court or on appeal.”

It was established during court hearings last month that Wade and Willis flew Delta to San Francisco last May and stayed at the DoubleTree Napa Valley hotel. Wade paid for the flight tickets the previous month.

On February 22, Stan Brody testified that he hosted Willis and Wade at the Napa Valley winery Acumen Wines. “Brody recalled that the pair spent hours tasting wine, and when it came time to pay, Willis used cash,” the Washington Post reported.

Lawyers for Trump and Roman want to prove that Willis improperly benefited from hiring Wade, who has earned more than $650,000 from Willis’ office since taking on the case.

Roman’s lawyers have been seeking as much detail as possible about Willis and Wade’s trips together. They also want to establish that the pair paid for their trips in cash to avoid leaving an electronic record.

In February, Roman’s lawyer, Ashleigh Merchant, submitted proof that the pair had flown American Airlines to Miami and Aruba in October 2022.

In her submission to McAfee, Merchant noted that the pair shared a “king-sized bed” in Aruba, information she obtained from their booking on the travel website Vacation Express.