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Delta passenger curses at staff and rants about her period in airport meltdown

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Meera Jacka

A Delta passenger has been recorded going on a profane rant about her period in a viral airport meltdown after getting kicked off her plane.

Airports have seen their fair share of wild moments in the last year, with numerous viral stories emerging from in-plane fights, airport attacks, and apparently “not real” flyers.

Now, another intense interaction is making headlines after a disgruntled Delta passenger lost her cool at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

The New York-bound woman was filmed going on a tirade in which she cursed at staff and screamed about her period after allegedly being kicked off her flight.

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Woman rants about her period after being kicked off plane in viral meltdown

Unsplash: Ivan Shimko

Airports have been a hot spot for viral stories this last year.

The woman, who has yet to be identified, hurled insults at four members of staff behind a kiosk, repeatedly demanding they call the police as onlookers watched in disbelief.

“I want to talk to your boss, moron!” she screamed at one point. “You guys are terrible and you should be ashamed of yourselves [for] leaving someone in a situation like this!”

She went on to shout, “I got irate when you told me you were kicking me off the f****** plane, you stupid b****!”

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The insult spurred a chorus of shocked reactions from other flyers, resulting in the woman declaring for all to hear, “I’m sick, I’m wearing a f****** diaper! I’m bleeding and they kicked me off the plane.”

She then turned her attention to another flyer, shouting at the man, “I’m on my period! Do you know what a uterus is? You stupid little prick — you little weasel!”

Shortly after, police officers arrived at the scene and escorted the woman out of the airport to cheers and applause.

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Her outburst allegedly delayed the flight for an hour, with a spokesperson for Delta telling the Daily Mail, “Delta appreciates the professionalism shown by our people, customers, and law enforcement to handle this unfortunate display. We are looking into the matter, including reaching out to our customer to understand more about what occurred.”

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