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Delta passenger goes on profane rant about her period

by Staff

A New York-bound Delta passenger was recorded on video hurling obscenities at terminal staff – then turning to another passenger to yell: “I’m on my period!”

The unidentified woman’s screaming tirade was captured Monday at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, where she planned to board Flight 2097 to Rochester, according to View From the Wing.

“You guys are terrible! I want to speak to your manager!’” she yells at four employees behind the counter as other passengers look on in disbelief.

“I want to talk to your boss, moron!” she screams. “You guys are terrible and you should be ashamed of yourselves leaving someone in a situation like this!”

The woman then repeatedly demands for cops to be called as she spews obscenities.

“Where are the police? Where f—ing are they?” she yells before slamming her bag onto the counter.

A Delta passenger was caught on video unleashing a tirade at Delta gate staff — and yelling about her period in front of shocked travelers. Instagram / @atlscoop
“I’m on my period! Do you know what a uterus is?” the woman yelled at a young man nearby. Instagram / @atlscoop

“I got irate when you told me you were kicking me off the f–king plane, you stupid bitch!” she screeches at the woman as her fellow travelers gasp incredulously.  

Things then take a shocking turn when she says she is bleeding and addresses a young man waiting nearby for the flight.

“I’m on my period! Do you know what a uterus is?” she yells at him. “You stupid little prick — you little weasel!”

A police officer finally led her away to cheers and applause at the gate. Instagram / @atlscoop

Finally, a police officer is seen speaking to the woman and leading her away – to cheers and applause from other passengers.

It was unclear what prompted her outburst, which reportedly delayed the flight for an hour.

A Delta rep told the Daily Mail that it was “looking into the matter, including reaching out to our customer to understand more about what occurred.

“Delta appreciates the professionalism shown by our people, customers, and law enforcement to handle this unfortunate display.”

The Post has reached out to the airline for additional comment.

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