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Derby tourist attraction to have ‘comprehensive facelift’ to enhance visitors’ experience

by Staff

Work is due to begin this Spring giving one of Derby’s major tourist attractions a comprehensive facelift. Grade I listed Pickford’s House Museum in Friar Gate is a living testament to Georgian life and fashion and thanks to Government and charity funding it will become more accessible and alive for people from across the country who have been visiting since it opened as a museum in 1988.

Each of the building’s rooms will have new material, displays and more immersive and interactive exhibits through virtual reality. The idea is to enhance visitors’ experiences and to offer a fresh perspective on the history that is being revealed in the building, which was originally built in 1770 by architect Joseph Pickford.

Funding of £71,000 has been awarded from a joint venture run by the Department for Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) and The Wolfson Foundation through the DCMS/Wolfson Museums and Galleries Improvement Fund. Part of the project will include a new video of the museum made by Glowfrog Video Productions.

The video will provide an overview of the house’s history and cater to disabled visitors who may face accessibility challenges.

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Jennifer Cuadrado, director of development at Derby Museums said that the updates would represent “a significant stride in our mission to make history come alive for our diverse audience”. She added: “These enhancements, including the welcome video offered by Glowfrog, not only preserve the architectural and cultural legacy of Pickford’s House but also align with our broader mission of making history accessible.

“The meticulous curation of each room at Pickford’s House reflects our commitment to preserving and presenting history in an engaging manner.”

Matt Middleton, director at Glowfrog Video Production, expressed his enthusiasm for the project and said: “Offering our services pro-bono for Pickford’s House aligns with our core values of supporting the local community, and I’m particularly excited about this project given that Pickford’s is a site I’ve visited countless times over the last thirty years or so. It will be fantastic to provide a welcome video for all visitors to the museum, offering a deeper insight into its history and local significance.”

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