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Discover the joy and surprises of road trips

by Staff

Sometimes, I like to do the opposite.

Serious moment? I might crack a joke to ease the tension.

Confronted by a bully who wants me to cower? I smirk and I laugh (they hate that).

Sitting in a courtroom once, awaiting a jury’s verdict as I covered a trial for a newspaper, I considered the judge as he sat behind the bench.

He was the most stern judge in Effingham County at the time.

I pretended to be serious.

“Judge, I don’t care what they say about you,” I said in a measured tone. “I think you’re alright.”

He looked at me — sternly, of course — and tersely, yet with a tiny hint of amusement, said, “What case do you have pending?”

I feigned meekness and a bit of fear.

“None … yet.”

In this gloomy winter weather, I’m thinking about warm days and that quintessential American staple: the road trip.

I’ve lost track of the road trips I’ve taken over the years, and I’m not sure whether to count the ones where I moved, helped someone else move or “had to” go to something like a family wedding.

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