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Drag Racing Phenom Tom Bailey Embarks on Michigan Road Trip in Quirky Pulse Autocycle

by Staff

In a delightful departure from the high-speed world of drag racing, Tom Bailey, renowned for his mastery in the Hot Rod Drag Week Unlimited class, has taken to the streets of Michigan in a vehicle that defies convention. Alongside his friend, Bailey pilots the Pulse Autocycle, a unique three-wheeled machine that blurs the lines between motorcycle and car, showcasing its potential for fun beyond the racetrack.

This “Jet” Is Actually Known As An Autocycle

The Pulse Autocycle, a rare gem found on Craigslist, was designed by aircraft designer Jim Bede and produced in Michigan by the Owosso Motor Car Co. With its distinct appearance, the Pulse stands out, classified legally as a three-wheeled motorcycle due to its unique wheel configuration. Despite its unconventional looks, the Pulse is propelled by a robust 1100cc motorcycle engine, promising a blend of lightweight agility and surprising speed. Bailey and his friend Bob’s journey across Michigan in the Pulse not only highlights the vehicle’s peculiar charm but also its roadworthiness.

Pulse Autocycle Key Details

Despite being equipped with four wheels, the Pulse’s design ensures that only three are in contact with the ground at any given time, allowing it to be driven with a motorcycle license. The heart of the Pulse is a Honda VT1100 engine, delivering power to the rear wheel through a 5-speed manual transmission. This setup propels the lightweight autocycle to speeds of up to 130 mph, as noted by the Autocycles YouTube channel. The duo’s adventure is not just about uncovering the capabilities of the Pulse but also exploring the joy it brings to onlookers and themselves.

Tom Brings His Flight Gear To Pilot The Pulse

Embracing the spirit of adventure, Bailey and Bob don flight helmets to embark on their road trip, although practicality soon dictates a switch to beanies due to space constraints within the Pulse’s cockpit. Their escapade takes them from picking up the Pulse to a whimsical “take-off and landing” at a local airstrip, and even a pit stop at a convenience store, turning heads and sparking curiosity wherever they go. Tom’s initial impressions of the Pulse are overwhelmingly positive, praising its smooth ride and the unparalleled attention it attracts.

As their journey concludes, the possibility of enhancing the Pulse with a Chevy LS motor swap is floated, hinting at the potential for an even more exhilarating experience. With only 347 units produced between 1985 and 1990, the Pulse Autocycle remains a fascinating footnote in automotive history, one that Tom Bailey has brought back into the spotlight with his characteristic flair and enthusiasm. Whether or not the LS swap comes to fruition, Bailey’s escapade with the Pulse serves as a reminder of the sheer joy that can be found in the world of motoring, beyond the confines of competition and performance metrics.

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