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Dua Lipa Defends Her Right To Vacation

by Staff

Dua Lipa is over your little jokes about her constantly being on vacation. During a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the pop sensation responded to online comments that have dubbed her as the “Vacanza Queen” for always appearing to be on some sort of island getaway. “[D]oes [D]ua [L]ipa have a house[?] [L]ike she is always somewhere,” reads perhaps the most enduring Twitter example.

“Of course, I was going to fucking holiday and chill [during] the year that I was just going in the studio and had some time off,” she told the publication, adding “As long as I’m doing my job, hitting my deadlines, and getting my shit done, then I will find a way to relax, too. It’s really work hard and play hard. Why not?”

Dua did, in fact, embark on quite a few trips this past summer. She spent most of the warmer months between Ibiza and Greece and recently rang in the New Year with a fashion-fueled trip to India. Fans (mostly) joked that the singer was never home, but, with a substantial net worth and free time, who wouldn’t want to be sunbathing in the Mediterranean? Dua also toured heavily throughout the majority of 2022, so it makes sense that she’d prefer to take a breather before heading right back into the studio.

“I think people are quick to forget,” Dua explained. “I was on tour up until the end of December. I felt like I missed out on so much time with my family and friends. It shows how short our attention span is, which is why music comes out so much faster.”

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Despite her globetrotting ways, it looks as though most of Dua’s travels this year will be business related. She is gearing up to release her highly anticipated third studio album soon, which Rolling Stone calls “uniquely and utterly Dua Lipa” full of “confident dance pop” tracks and “one good ballad fake-out that blooms into a more buoyant Carole King- and Fleetwood Mac-inspired moment.”

Per the publication, the album will feature 11 songs (she already released the smash hit, “Houdini,” at the tail end of last year) with the majority having been produced by Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker. Dance and rave influences are said to dominate the record, but there is also at least one song centered around a relationship coming to an end.

“When you have a feeling like that one, you feel really grown because you’re like, ‘Oh, whoa, I’m such an evolved human being that I can see my ex move on and feel good about it,’” Dua explained. “I think I’ve had breakups in my life where I felt like the only kind of breakup you could have was when things just ended really badly. Things ending in a nice way was such a new thing.… It taught me a lot.”

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