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easyJet holidays says new animal welfare policy will promote responsible travel

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The move means that easyJet holidays will not offer or promote any harmful animal-based attractions within their tours and activities programme

easyJet holidays has introduced a new animal welfare policy covering all its destinations

A tour operator has announced a new animal welfare policy to promote responsible travel.

easyJet holidays says the policy will mean that it won’t include any trips that might be harmful to animals including capivity attractions like zoos or shows where animals have to perform. They want to make sure the activities holidaymakers experience on an easyJet holiday don’t have a harmful impact on animals.

easyJet holidays is working with its hotel partners to help them understand why animal welfare so important to the company. Matt Callaghan, chief operating officer at easyJet holidays, said: “As one of the largest tour operators, we’re committed to being an industry leader when it comes to responsible travel.”

He said: “Our own research tells us that sustainable travel experiences are important to our customers, so we want to make it easy for them to holiday better. We’re passionate about the protection and respect of all forms of nature in the destinations we offer holidays to, which is why we’ve made the decision to not offer or promote attractions that exploit animals within our tours and activities programme.”

“We know tours and activities are a brilliant way to experience our holiday destinations, so we look forward to continuing to offer sustainable and responsible experiences for our customers to further enhance their well-deserved holiday.”

Dr Jo Judge the chief executive of the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums said: “While easyJet’s heart is in the right place, they get this fantastically wrong. As a charity dedicated to raising standards in zoos and aquariums we know there is a world of difference between good zoos and bad.

She added: “While a ban might make them feel they are supporting animals, it will undermine the hard work of conservation organisations across the world. The fact is that good zoos and aquariums are leaders in animals welfare and conservation. There have been 95 extinct in the wild plants and animals – entire species which only survive in human care.

“We would welcome a meeting with Mr Callaghan to show him the differences between good zoos and bad and why a blanket ban is harmful to animals across the globe. A good zoo can be distinguished by a commitment to the highest standards of animal care, to the conservation of species and educating the public.

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