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EasyJet passengers left without any clothes on holiday due to extreme weather

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EasyJet said they were unable to remove the luggage safely from the Manchester to Iceland flight, leaving passengers in -7C weather with nothing but the clothes on their back and handluggage

Helen Carr and Rick Marsh’s luggage was flown back to the UK(UGC/MEN)

Holidaymakers were left stranded in freezing Iceland after their easyJet flight took off with all their luggage still onboard.

Passengers were left with only the clothes they had on and any in their hand luggage, as temperatures dropped to -7C on the northern island.

Helen Carr claimed those on the flight were forced to go shopping near Keflavik Airport. Helen, from Trafford, Manchester, was treating her partner Rick Marsh to a weekend away for his 41st birthday, Manchester Evening News reported.

The couple ended up having to buy socks and underwear, and ‘something more waterproof than jeans’. “H&M in the town centre is making a killing,” she said. “It’s the only clothes shop open and the assistant was telling us he’s served nothing but Brits all stuck with no luggage. At least we have proper shoes on. There was a lady at the airport with just Crocs and socks on.”

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Baggage handlers were unable to remove the luggage from the flight (stock photo)(Sean Hansford | Manchester Evening News)

A spokesperson for the airline explained that ‘extreme weather‘ meant that baggage couldn’t be safely removed from the plane. They said that high winds were “gusting above the maximum limits required for safe operation”, and that luggage was returned to Keflavik Airport from Manchester the next day.

The easyJet flight left Manchester Airport at 5.35pm on Friday. Helen said the “problems started” when the plane landed at Keflavik around 8.45pm. “First the police boarded the flight, we believe it was due to a drunk passenger being abusive,” she said.

“Then we were held on the plane for almost two hours because all the gates were full of cancelled flights so there was nowhere to park the plane. Eventually they managed to find somewhere to park but with no air bridges, so we had to wait for buses and steps to be found.”

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