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Embraer E2 Deliveries More Than Doubled In 2023

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  • Embraer delivered 75 aircraft in the last quarter, totaling 181 aircraft for the year, an increase of 13% compared to the previous year.
  • The company’s backlog of orders reached a record high of over $18.7 billion, indicating strong demand for its aircraft.
  • The E2 group of aircraft saw its orders double from 19 in 2022 to 39 in 2023, with a backlog of 298 aircraft valued at around $8.8 billion.

It’s all systems go at Embraer, with the manufacturer increasing deliveries by 13% in 2023. The Brazilian aircraft manufacturer delivered 75 aircraft in the last quarter, while 181 aircraft were built and delivered across the year, compared to 160 the previous year.

Supply chain issues have undoubtedly delayed the delivery of some aircraft. However, the company’s backlog of orders has reached more than $18.7 billion, the highest in its history since 2018.

Photo: KLM

The E-Jet variants have continued in popularity, with 64 delivered in 2023, an increase of seven compared to 2022, with the star performer being the E2 group, which saw its orders double from 19 in 2022 to 39 last year. The backlog for this aircraft has reached 298, with a value of around $8.8 billion.

Porter Airlines Embraer E195-E2 Landing In Calgary

Photo: Welshboy2020 | Shutterstock

Toronto-based Porter Airlines is a crucial contributor to this growth, with a firm order for 25 E195-E2 aircraft and an existing order of 50.

Executive Aviation

Momentum is growing with demand across its entire aircraft portfolio for both retail and fleet markets. At the end of the year, a backlog of $4.3 billion in orders is slowly growing, an increase of $400 million from the year prior. Seventy-four light jets were delivered to wealthy individuals and businesses in 2023, representing a 12% growth, the highest in over seven years, whereas 41 deliveries of medium-sized jets represented 14%, a double-digit growth.

Defense and security are also pushing demand for Embraer, with the manufacturer seeing the C-390 Millennium win the tender for new military aircraft in South Korea. This is the first nation in Asia to order the variant and will sit alongside Austria, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic, who have also put their hands up for the military aircraft.

BermudAir Embraer E175

Photo: Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport


4+ Hours: North America’s 10 Longest Embraer Flights

Nearly all these flights began in 2023 or will do so in 2024, showing just how much change there has been.

Embraer commercial aircraft

The most popular variants seen in the sky are the manufacturers’ E170 / 175 / 190 / 195, which compete head-to-head with the Airbus A220-100, A318, Boeing 717, and 737-500/600. While many of the latter are dwindling in operating numbers, the Embraer aircraft are rising in popularity for their versatility for carriers such as Azul Brazilian Airlines, Tianjin Airlines, Austrian Airlines, and LOT Polish Airlines.

The operating distance for these aircraft has enabled carriers to launch unique routes they may not have been interested in operating before or do not see enough demand to deploy larger jet aircraft. Examples include Qantas’ resumption of Darwin to Singapore (below) or its decision to deploy the aircraft type on its Brisbane to Wellington route.


Qantas Launches Embraer E190 Darwin Singapore Flights

Qantas will save more than five hours for London passengers when it starts nonstop flights from Darwin to Singapore.

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