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Five Best Areas for a Vacation Cabin in New Jersey

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New Jersey is a top vacation destination, especially for world-weary New Yorkers who just want to get away from it all. There’s nothing more appetizing for a city slicker than their own piece of nature to soak in the peace and quiet of New Jersey’s dramatic landscape. 

While much of New Jersey is quite urban and sophisticated, there are plenty of tucked-away places that would be a great backdrop for a portable log cabin, which can be transported nearly anywhere that you please. These factory-made cabins are set on top of a trailer, which means that you can simply hook it up and drive it to your preferred destination. As they are turnkey, all you have to do is attach them to utility lines, and you’re ready to relax in your slice of heaven.

As these vacation homes are quite petite, they make a great launchpad for exploring all that New Jersey has to offer: the great outdoors. These five areas of NJ are your best bet when you’re looking for a secluded area to get some work done or simply destress from everyday life. 

Cumberland County

Cumberland County in South Jersey is part of the Pine Barrens, a mystical forest that is known as a haunt of the famed Jersey Devil. While, thankfully, you are unlikely to actually meet this terrifying beast, you will come face-to-face with one of America’s most unique forests, dominated by sandy soil that produces rare carnivorous plants and delicate, breathtaking orchids. 

If you don’t want to spend your vacation wandering through the haunting forests, there’s plenty of other places to explore, such as the sunny Fortescue Beach in Downe Township. After visiting the quaint shops in the county seat of Bridgeton, you’ll be able to decompress from your excursion in the piney comfort of a portable cabin, which is the perfect size for a lone traveler. 

Cape May County

For those who love the ocean, Cape May is a perfect place for a secluded cabin facing the sea. The peninsula is bounded by the Delaware Bay to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the south and east, meaning you have plenty of beaches to explore in peace. If you’re seeking a good history lesson while vacationing, you can visit the Historic Cold Spring Village, an open-air living museum that preserves one of New Jersey’s oldest settlements. 

Sussex County

Beautiful Sussex County is about 86% rural and is part of the Skylands Region of New Jersey, known for breathtaking views. Rolling hills and the nearby Ramapo Mountains are supreme options for nestling a small log cabin, which will fit in perfectly with the old colonial villages. The overarching Skylands Region has over 60,000 acres of state parkland to explore, ensuring that you’ll always have somewhere to visit when you’re not relaxing in the picturesque comfort of a small park model getaway. 

Hunterdon County

Also within the Skylands Region, Hunterdon is the 18th most populous county in New Jersey; given that there are only 21 counties in the state, you can be assured that there’s plenty of space to stretch out and place a cozy cabin. You’ll enjoy the soft sloping hill land of the Delaware Valley, as well as plenty of high-class shops when you want a bit of vibrancy to your vacation.

Clinton, New Jersey, is one of the state’s most famed areas, home to the historic Red Mill and the Stone Mill, which is now an operating art museum. However, you can also spend many hours wandering through the thick forests, and you may even be lucky enough to stumble across an ancient Delaware Native American site near the south branch of the Raritan River. 

Salem County

Salem County in South Jersey is the most rural area of the state and has the lowest population density, making it the supreme choice for those who really want to escape from society for a while. The westernmost county in New Jersey, it is connected to Delaware by the Delaware Memorial Bridge and is mostly flat coastal plain. There are numerous wineries here, ensuring that you can always find a great vintage to unwind with back at your retreat. The Quaker-style architecture typical of Salem Couty, known for its simplicity and love of natural materials, will blend perfectly with your rustic log cabin: you’ll fit right in.

New Jersey Is Custom-Made for Log Cabin Living

Sometimes, you just need to get away from it all. Fortunately, there are many secluded areas in New Jersey away from Newark and Jersey City where you can relax. Whether you’re a remote worker who needs to concentrate on a big project, a parent who wants to introduce your children to Mother Earth, or simply a nature lover, you can’t go wrong when you choose to hitch your portable cabin to your trailer and set down roots in one of these five beautiful counties.

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