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Flight attendant splits up woman, fiancé who paid for plane seats

by Staff

It’s just plane rude. 

Soaring sky-high through the clouds on a flight to an exotic destination next to the one you love sounds like a sweet dream. 

But one newly engaged couple’s would-be fantasy trip fast became a mid-air nightmare when a flight attendant unceremoniously hijacked their assigned seats to accommodate a family that wished to be seated together. 

“My man and I bought seats together but a mom asked the flight attendant to switch our seats so she could be closer to her kid,” griped fiancé Kiran Kapoor, 28, a NYC paralegal, in the closed-captions of a trending TikTok tell-all.  

“The flight attendant switched us without asking,” she continued. “Now we’re sitting apart because they refused to speak to us when we asked what happened.”

New Yorker Kiran Kapoor virally revealed that she and her fiance were wrongfully moved from their airline seats so that a family could sit together during the ride. @venttokiran / Tiktok

In the buzzy bulletin, which amassed over 826,500 views, a disgruntled Kapoor offered online audiences a quick glimpse at hubby-to-be, Ankush, sitting in a row behind her on the plane. She captioned the viral vid, “Unpopular opinion: if you want to be seated together, you should buy seats together.”

And social media whistleblowers couldn’t have agreed more. 

“I absolutely refuse to move seats… If you want a seat so bad, then book it,” spat a steaming cyber spectator. 

“Your bad planning is not my emergency,” penned another. 

“If couples [and] friends can manage to buy seats next to each other, why is it so hard for parents to grasp??? Like, dont even risk it, stop buying the tix,” chimed an equally fed-up frequent flyer. 

Joyful mother sitting near her son while pointing at a tablet screen and demonstrating some information.
Online, critics blasted parents who expect special treatment on airplanes when they’re traveling with kids. Viacheslav Yakobchuk –

“I think the problem here is the lack of courtesy to ask someone if they would give their seat to someone else,” another noted. 

“Most likely an error on the airline’s part and that’s probably why they weren’t asked. Obviously, it’s more important for a kid to be next to the parent,” said an apparent supporter of the seat change — prompting Kapoor to explain the flight fiasco in greater detail.  

“There was already one parent seated with the children,” she said in a separate video post. “This was another parent that wanted to be near the rest of their family.”

“I’m not mad at the parent,” continued the millennial. “The issue is that nobody asked me if I wanted to or not, and I paid for that seat.”

“I paid to be seated with my fiancé.”

Kapoor’s far from the only jet-setter to be jettisoned from the comforts of her chosen airline recliner due to impromptu seat swaps. However, other skyway travelers who’ve found themselves in similarly awkward situations weren’t as willing to make the change. 

In March, an unnamed vacationer on a trans-Pacific flight from Japan told a mother “Hell to the f–k no,” when the parent asked to switch her back-row middle seat for their window seat, which was next to her toddler daughter. 

“The audacity to ask just me and expect an inferior trade on my side,” barked the perturbed passenger in a Reddit rant. 

Aircraft cruiser Tammy Nelson, who was traveling for work in July, too, found herself in a precarious mess when a mother and her children tried commandeering her window seat in order to sit together during a flight. 


Having had only 90 minutes of sleep the night before and knowing I had to give a presentation to 500 people, I desperately needed some sleep, so I did not agree to switch seats. 🤷‍♀️ Before anyone comes after me… the kids looked like they were about 11 and 15 years old. And the mom was in arms-reach of both of them from the middle seat in the row behind us. The mom proceeded to complain for at least 15 minutes to the person next to her loud enough for me to hear. But the woman actually defended me – several times. It was so kind and I appreciated it so much because I was feeling really guilty. 🤦‍♀️ #airplaneseat#seatswitching#airplanekarens

♬ original sound – MyCONQUERing

Nelson’s staunch refusal to allow the family to swipe her seat sparked a social media frenzy, seeing viewers liken the ordeal to an episode of the adult animated series “Family Guy.”

On the cartoon, Stewie Griffin, an evil-genius talking baby, and dog Brian, are seated together on a plane when a mom holding a baby asks the pair to give up their chairs. 

“No, no, we don’t switch,” he responds. But when the mother continues pushing for the trade, an unobliging Stewie says: “Ma’am, ma’am, your poor planning does not constitute an emergency.”

“You’ll see him in Paris, go sit down.”

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