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From Historic Mica Mine to Tourist Attraction

by Staff

Stepping into history with an eye towards the future, Ruggles Mine in Grafton, New Hampshire is set for a transformative revival. Originating in 1803 as a commercial mica mining venture by Boston businessman Sam Ruggles, this site has spanned over a century and a half in operation, significantly contributing to various industries with its mica output. Abandoned nearly a decade ago, the mine is now under new ownership with ambitious plans to repurpose it into a tourist attraction, tapping into its historical roots and unique geological features.

Historical Significance and Vision for the Future

Ruggles Mine’s historical footprint in New Hampshire’s mining industry is undeniable. For approximately 150 years, it supplied mica for uses ranging from cosmetics to household appliances. The mine’s closure left a void, not just in the local economy but in the hearts of those who value the state’s rich history and natural beauty. Fast forward to today, the mine is poised for a renaissance, with plans to transform the open pit and its intricate network of tunnels and chambers into an exploratory haven for tourists. This vision is championed by Chris DiPetta, the former manager of ExciglowLLC, who emphasized the public’s interest over more lucrative, private offers that would have kept the mine closed to the public.

A New Chapter Begins

The announcement of Ruggles Mine’s reopening as a tourist destination has been met with enthusiasm from locals and history enthusiasts alike. Its unique geological features, including the open pit atop Isinglass Mountain and the vast subterranean chambers, present an exciting opportunity for exploration. The decision to reopen the mine underscores a broader trend of repurposing historical sites to serve contemporary interests while preserving their legacy.

Community Impact and Anticipation

The community’s reaction to the reopening of Ruggles Mine has been overwhelmingly positive. There is a palpable sense of anticipation for the mine to become accessible for public tours, not only as a means of exploring New Hampshire’s geological wonders but also as a way of reconnecting with the state’s mining heritage. This development promises to boost local tourism and educate future generations about the significance of mining in the region’s history. As preparations continue, the mine stands as a symbol of resilience, bridging the gap between New Hampshire’s past and its future.

As Ruggles Mine embarks on this new journey, it serves as a reminder of the potential to breathe new life into historical sites. By blending education, preservation, and exploration, the mine’s reopening signifies a step forward in celebrating New Hampshire’s rich history and natural beauty, ensuring its legacy endures for generations to come.

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