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From Seatmates to Soulmates? Woman “Takes Her Shot” On Southwest Airlines Flights

by Staff

From Seatmates to Soulmates? Woman “Takes Her Shot” On Southwest Airlines Flights

Over the summer a woman noticed the guy seated in front of her and ‘took her shot’ writing her number on a Southwest Airlines napkin and passing it to him, suggesting he text her if he is single and interested.

@nataliebonbon Also did this towards the end of the flight so it wasn’t awkward for a long time just incase #datingtok #catchingflights #singletok #flightsandfeelings #summer23 ♬ Bops Goin Brazy – Tyga

She followed up on social media to let everyone know how it worked out. They turned out to both be from San Diego, just 20 minutes away from each other. He texted and asked her out,

I’m free tomorrow and Monday night. Down for a date night? There’s a couple fun places I’ve been wanting to check out.

@nataliebonbon Replying to @Becky Reynolds ♬ Bops Goin Brazy – Tyga

He offered to pick her up, but she decided to meet him since they’d only just met on the flight. They went out for Korean barbecue (good choice, very social). He taught her how to use chopsticks, which could be adorable or condescending (it seemed to work). Then they went for ice cream. He walked her back to her car, and opened her door. And he… said he’d “text her later in the week.” Womp, womp. That.. didn’t happen.

She offered commentary on taking her shot, on the date they went on and on how it ended.

Five years ago two passengers finding love inflight was live-tweeted and became an international sensation. The CEO of T-Mobile tried to get in on the action, offering free service credits to the person posting the story because of the bandwidth sharing it with the world had taken.

Around the same time I witnessed what may have been a world record hookup in the air, introduction-to-couple on a 140 mile Austin – Houston United flight.

I didn’t live tweet the hookup or take photos of the happy couple. And 30 minutes in the air doesn’t allow for enough inflight internet time to develop a story arc. However these inflight couplings happen more often than you’d think.

For instance earlier in the year two American Airlines passengers met, got drunk inflight, and explored love at their seats. The man started massaging the woman’s feet.

Another guy used his robot suitcase to ask a girl out at the airport. Meanwhile, here’s how to get a flight attendant’s number on your flight.

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