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Give In to “Pier Pressure” and Take the Vacation You Desire but Didn’t Think Possible

by Staff

Have you ever wondered how the rich live out their vacations or even lives? If so, then join us for this next one, as it’s going to be revealing, to say the least. Yet, the real treat here is that you and your friends and family can charter the Pier Pressure.

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Photo: Northrop & Johnson

Honestly, once you’ve shown your family and friends the Pier Pressure superyacht and the fact that you’ll only need $80K (€74K at current exchange rates) for a one-week stay aboard its lavish and outdoor-inclined decks, you too might find yourself under some ‘peer pressure.’

That’s right, folks; the Pier Pressure is a ship that you can charter or rent, as we less money-endowed humans call it, but since it allows the average Joe to taste the really good life and for a whole lot less than most other luxury charters, I felt it would be neat to broaden your horizons in terms of what sort of vacation you should be saving up for this summer; Cabo can wait.

Now, there are a few details that you need to be aware of when it comes to Pier Pressure, and the first and foremost is the fact that it’s an Azimut. Oh, the name sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Well, that’s because this brand has been around since your grandparents’ days, having brought the name to the boating industry in 1969 as a charter service and, by 1975, was building its own ships.

Pier Pressure

Photo: Northrop & Johnson

In all, just 27 meters (88.5 ft) of vessel are at our fingertips, which doesn’t seem like much in comparison to other towering behemoths we’ve shown you over the years, but once you’ve stepped aboard its decks, walked through the halls, had the fine dining experiences, and soaked up all the sun you’ve been dreaming of, you’ll know you made the right choice to change up your summer vacation.

Actually, let’s say that you did book this machine for the upcoming summer and are now standing about on some pier waiting for a tender to arrive and take you out to your floating haven. As you arrive, you and your guests will be welcomed by crew members handing out drinks and answering all your questions as to what’s where and what it does.

Pier Pressure

Photo: Northrop & Johnson

Your first step will be onto the beach club at the rear, and since this space will be widely used by everyone, let’s take a moment and check it out. Here, you’ll be able to lounge around and soak up as much sun as you like, all the while being able to access two Seabobs, SUPs, snorkel gear, and even cast a line or two.

To make our way up to the main deck, the Pier Pressure places two lateral stairwells at our disposal and once accessed, you’ll find yourself in the midst of an alfresco dining table and shade from the superstructure above. Have a seat and grab a bite to eat, or let’s continue.

One deck up, and we find ourselves having trouble escaping the sun, but that’s just how some folks like it. One ability of the Pier Pressure is its inclination toward helping you crisp up your outer layer of skin to the degree you’ve been dreaming of, and the upper deck offers plenty of space to achieve this.

Pier Pressure

Photo: Northrop & Johnson

There are rear-facing lounge beds, perfect for crisping up with a view and a drink in hand, or you can even relax at the bar or around a coffee table, all in the midst of precious sunlight. If, however, things get too hot, a retractable bimini can offer an escape. A flybridge and a BBQ are also found here.

Then there’s the front of the ship, accessible from the main deck, where guests will be able to have a front-row seat to wherever they’re traveling. Be sure to toast with some bubbly. But why haven’t I mentioned the interior living? Simply because I was saving the best for last.

Upon receiving news of the Pier Pressure from our friends over at Northrop & Johnson, I can say that the interior played a pivotal role in my bringing this ship to light. It’s not clear who the interior designer may have been, but we do know that the entire ship was custom-built, and whoever chose this whole refreshing and Greece-inspired color palette really knew what they were doing.

Pier Pressure

Photo: Northrop & Johnson

For a moment, picture yourself having dinner with your friends and family inside this space. Feel a smile creep across your face as you catch the setting sun through massive floor-to-ceiling windows. Enjoy the smells and views of foods prepared to your needs and tastes, and at the end of it all, give a toast and plop down on a couch until you fall asleep from the motion of the ocean.

Speaking of sleep, be sure to check out the staterooms which are completed in matching color code to the rest of the ship. Again, the blue and white tones remind me of Greek islands, but waking up in a master suite the likes of what we see here, I wouldn’t care where the inspiration came from. Roll out of bed, head to marble-filled bathrooms, and get ready to do it all over again.

Oh, and it all costs just $10K per person per week. It may sound like a whole lot, but how many times have you been on a yacht? We only have one life, you know, and that’s just me putting on a little “Pier Pressure.”

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