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Got Delta SkyMiles? Use Them for a Warm-Weather Getaway!

by Staff

Temperatures are dropping across much of the country – and dropping to frigid levels. If you’ve got some Delta SkyMiles to spare, you’re in luck: SkyMiles rates to head south and escape the cold this winter are dropping, too.

We’re always on the hunt for great Delta SkyMiles flash sales for our Thrifty Traveler Premium members, and we’ve been finding a ton of them for winter-weary travelers lately … to destinations near and far. That includes a quick beach getaway to Mexico for under 20,000 SkyMiles roundtrip, a bucket-list trip to French Polynesia, or heading all the way to Southeast Asia and back for under 70,000 SkyMiles.

That’s right: All these deals are for travel this winter and spring! And while some of the best winter availability has already been booked, there are still some amazing winter flight deals bookable with your Delta SkyMiles.

If you don’t have a winter or spring trip booked yet but have some SkyMiles sitting around, here are three places to look for a winter warm-up.


Cancún from 16K SkyMiles RT

We love finding cheap flights to Cancún (CUN), and typically it’s not that hard to do – Cancún has hundreds of daily nonstop flights connecting U.S. and Canadian travelers with the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico every day.

But this winter, it’s even easier. We’ve noticed some precipitous drop in airfare down to Cancún as airlines look to fill empty seats. And for Delta flyers, the airline is offering its best deals when you cash in some SkyMiles. Check this out.

CUN SkyMiles 

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SkyMiles rates down to Mexico don’t get much cheaper than this. This deal we sent to our subscribers a little over a week ago included dozens of U.S. cities flying to CUN for less than 20,000 Delta SkyMiles roundtrip!

CUN SkyMilesCUN SkyMiles 

Not only do the hub cities like Detroit (DTW) and Atlanta (ATL) get cheap fares on nonstops, but Americans who are feeling especially frozen right now from cities like Williston, North Dakota (XWA) or Pasco, Washington (PSC) also have great availability to find a beach this winter, too.

As always, travelers with a co-branded Delta Amex card in their wallet get the best rates thanks to the automatic TakeOff 15 discount. That 15% cut brings award rates as low as 16,000 or 17,000 SkyMiles roundtrip!

delta skymiles msp to cancundelta skymiles msp to cancun 

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Tahiti & Back Under Under 70K SkyMiles

Ready to go beyond the beaches of Mexico? Thinking somewhere dreamy, maybe even remote? I can’t recommend a trip to French Polynesia enough – and getting there doesn’t have to break the bank.

French Polynesia is straight bucket-list material, and easily the most convenient chain of islands in the Pacific Ocean to visit aside from Hawaii. It’s got a major airport in Tahiti (PPT) with plenty of other, smaller islands you can hop out to. Plus, it’s even on our side of the International Dateline, so you don’t lose a full day of travel getting there.

Delta started nonstop service to Tahiti a year ago. And the SkyMiles deals just keep coming … including fares for under 50,000 SkyMiles roundtrip!

Tahiti SkyMilesTahiti SkyMiles

Thrifty Tip: Check out the best airport hotel in the world … or head out to Bora Bora and book the Conrad Bora Bora Nui using Hilton points!

These cheap SkyMiles fares are the best reason of all to visit Tahiti. And we’re not only seeing deals on the nonstop flight from Los Angeles. There were deeply discounted rates from airports all across the country.

Tahiti SkyMiles deal informationTahiti SkyMiles deal information 

Just like the Cancún deal, this one covers a ton of U.S. departure cities, including our friends in Fargo (FAR), Reno (RNO), and all the way out to Tampa (TPA)! But it’s tough to beat booking the nonstop from Los Angeles to Tahiti for just 42,000 SkyMiles and change – and yes, that’s roundtrip.

lax to pptlax to ppt


Southeast Asia from 68K SkyMiles

There’s no better time to hit the beaches of Thailand or the streets of Vietnam than during the winter. But getting al the way to Southeast Asia is typically a budget buster.

Not anymore, thanks to this Delta SkyMiles flash sale flying Korean Air for under 70,000 SkyMiles roundtrip. That’s a phenomenal deal for flights that typically cost $1,500 or more.

SE Asia SkyMiles flight dealSE Asia SkyMiles flight deal 

Plus, these weren’t Delta’s restrictive basic economy fares. Booking Korean Air with SkyMiles, you always get a main cabin fare with free seat assignment and complimentary checked bags on the long journey to Asia.

From Singapore (SIN) to Bali (DPS), to the many airports of Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines, this deal was perfectly timed for a getaway this winter – or even all the way next fall.

SE Asia flight dealSE Asia flight deal 

The lowest fare of all was again flying from Los Angeles (LAX) to Bangkok (BKK), clocking in at just 68,000 SkyMiles and $110 in taxes and fees roundtrip! Use that deal to get your fill of Bangkok’s legendary street food, then hop out to the beaches of Koh Samui or Phuket.

SE Asia fareSE Asia fare


Bottom Line

Whether you’re eyeing up a big, bucket list trip or a quick beach getaway … if you have Delta SkyMiles to spare and a need to get away this winter, these SkyMiles deals are tough to beat.

These SkyMiles sales to Cancún, French Polynesia, and Southeast Asia are some of our favorite ways to travel this winter. Book them while you still can!

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