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Grandad storms out of ‘hotel from hell’ amid ‘disgusting’ conditions on holiday

by Staff

A grandad claims he endured a “hotel from hell” while on holiday before he stormed out in disgust.

Martin Willmott, 64, was looking to his eight-day getaway in Marmaris, Turkey, having bagged a great deal from a brochure. But on arrival, the grandad-of-three was met with horror and claimed he found fresh blood, urine, broken tiles and dodgy electrics in his hotel room.

He was unable to stomach the conditions so walked out just two hours after he arrived. The dad-of-two has since complained – but claims package provider Galaxy Holidays are fobbing him off, prompting him to go directly to the CEO.

The travel firm has now claimed Martin did not tell staff of the issues before leaving and that he has since been offered compensation. Martin, from Daventry, Northants, claims he found fresh blood and urine on the bed sheets and mattress, as well as electric plugs in the shower cubicle.

As reported in the Mirror, he said: “There was blood on the sheets. The mattress protector had what looked like fresh blood on it and the mattress underneath was filthy. There were stains that looked like urine. It was filthy and made me itch just being in there.

“It was the hotel from hell. I was abandoned in Turkey and they refused to do anything about it – no partial refund, nothing. They wouldn’t acknowledge genuine complaint.”

Martin said there were plug sockets in the shower(Image: SWNS)

The trip cost Martin £920 and included flights, transfers and the hotel stay. He flew to Dalaman Airport on 13 September and picked up a transfer to Marmaris, where he was due to stay for the eight-day break.

But when he arrived, Martin said he immediately thought the premises looked scruffy from the outside as it had broken tiles leading up the stairs. When he got into his room, he was left repulsed after finding what looked like blood and urine on the mattress and holes in the bedsheets.

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