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Grans Go Free! easyJet Holidays launches unique deal to encourage multi-generational travel

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Grandparents Moe and Ian help easyJet Holidays launch its ‘Grans Go Free’ campaign, allowing seniors to travel completely free of charge on family bookings to several European destinations, aiming to encourage multi-generational travel. The first-of-its-kind offer follows research which reveals just over half of families have never been on holiday with the grandparents.

The UK’s fastest growing tour operator easyJet Holidays has launched free holiday places for grans and grandpas, a unique twist on the traditional ‘Kids Go Free’, after new research reveals 51% of families have never holidayed with their grandparents abroad.

The first-of-its-kind ‘Grans Go Free’ offer will allow seniors to travel free of charge on family bookings to several European destinations, including Spain, Greece and Italy, allowing families to spend more quality time together for less. The offer has been launched during the final week of the easyJet Holidays Big Orange Sale, in which customers can get up to £400 off until Monday.

In the poll of 2,000 British adults, over half of those surveyed (56%) say they regret not spending more time with grandparents and 54% say they are hoping to bring them on upcoming holidays.

The new offer from easyJet Holidays aims to encourage the nation to take a ‘3G’ holiday – the term for getaways with three generations or more, after seeing a rise in this trend. One grandparent on the trip will travel free of charge.

59% of those surveyed say they want to spend more time with the older generations in their family, with 57% expressing a desire to make memories with grandparents on a holiday.

77% agree that the bond between grandparents and grandchildren is one of the most special relationships within a family – yet 27% of Brits confess to speaking to their grandparents less than once a week.

Matt Callaghan, Chief Operating Officer at easyJet Holidays said: “We’re proud to offer thousands of free kids places, but we feel it’s time to recognise the Grandparents. This research shows how important grandparent and grandchild relationships are and how much can be learned from making time for them. We’ve launched our ‘Grans Go Free’ offer to tighten these important family relationships and allow travellers to get even better value, in addition to our Big Orange Sale.”

“More families are choosing to holiday with grandparents, recognising the joy of a getaway is amplified when shared across generations. They are able to create new family memories which each generation will cherish – and for some of the parents, they might even have a free babysitter on hand too.”

Three quarters (73%) would use the holiday opportunity to learn more about their grandparents lives with 49% seeking to benefit from their wisdom, and 23% believing going on holiday with them helps to bring the family closer.

The most popular destinations for a multi-generational holiday abroad are Spain (18%), Italy (13%) and France (13%). However, 54% say they would likely let their grandparents pick the destination if they were planning a trip together.

For half of Brits (45%), the grandparents in the family are the bigger earners – either their own, or their parents/in-laws, but despite this only 35% would expect a grandparent to contribute financially if they came on holiday with them, wanting to treat them instead.

If they were to contribute, 39% of those surveyed would ask them to cover just their share of the holiday, but 21% would only ask that they pay for a meal or two on the trip.

Limited spaces for Grans Go Free are on offer. To qualify, the grandparent must be travelling as part of a family booking with at least one child. Proof of age and relation will be taken upon arrival at hotel destination.

Brits can book a free grandparent place from 12pm on Thursday 1st February. For more information about Grans Go Free and how to book, please visit

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