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How a £1 Amazon travel item will prevent holiday chaos – and holidaymakers are raving about it

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HOLIDAYMAKERS are raving about a £1 Amazon travel item that prevents holiday chaos. 

The bargain passport covers protect your ID from getting damaged – and could save you a lot of money in the long run.


Amazon is selling super cheap passport coversCredit: Amazon

As passports get older, they are likely to take a battering from being taken in and our of your bag and handled by airport staff.

However, while some small marks and scuffs are allowed, several holiday destinations have such strict rules, they could ban you from entering.

Minor wear like bending is generally not a concern, but anything considered “significant damage” – especially to the book cover or the page displaying your personal data and photo – could pose problems.

Because of this, holidaymakers are rushing to buy protective passport holders on Amazon – and a two pack is just £2.99.

Buyers have been singing the covers praises. 

One person wrote: “Got a new passport so wanted just a simple cover. These are great and have a few pockets for any cards/papers you want to fit in.”

Another added: “I got the set of 2 which at currently £2.99 is very good value. The seller also does sets of 4.

“These are straightforward quite strong basic plastic covers for standard passports. The plastic finish is matt and you can see through them and it’s a sort of milky look.”

A third said: “These covers fit our UK passports perfectly and I have the first inside page of mine tucked into the front cover so the passport opens at the photo/identity page. 

“These are very good value for money and I am pleased to have them.”

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One popular destination renowned for penalising tourists with damaged passports is Indonesia.

Most holidaymakers head to Bali, which is known for its amazing beaches.

But the country also has some of the strictest passport damage laws in the world, with airlines fined thousands of pounds for any passengers who enter with one that is damaged.

Passport damage is taken so seriously that visitors have been turned away from their flight, with immigration denying them entry to the country.

This can be due to the slightest wear on their travel documents, such as a small tear or unofficial markings

Earlier this year, Australian traveller, Matt Vandenberg was denied entry to Indonesia due to a minor tear on one page of his passport.

The tear, approximately one centimetre in size, was spotted by an immigration official when he arrived in Indonesia, leading to the confiscation of Vandenberg’s passport and his exclusion from the country.


TikToker Emma was stopped from her flight to Bali after she was told that the water damage on her passport was not acceptable.

And back in February, traveller John Hammond was pulled aside at Immigration because of a “thumbnail size tear” – and was then detained.

Vietnam also has a zero-tolerance policy around damage to passports.

The UK Foreign Office states: “If you’re visiting Vietnam, your passport must have no damage.

“British nationals have been denied entry and exit due to passport damage.”

The UK in Vietnam Facebook page reiterated: “Even minor damage to a passport can mean you are denied travel.”

While Bali and Vietnam are some of the strictest for passport damage restrictions, most countries won’t let you in if there is major damage.

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For example, the United States has stringent rules when it comes to passport damage, which includes any sign of water damage, tears, missing visa pages or holes.

And last year, a woman from New Zealand was banned from her flight after her slightly damaged passport was rejected at the boarding gate.

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